Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Tall Pines Halloween

Still playing catch up, but luckily I'm almost done with the month of October! Haha it's terrible I know but just trying to get it up on the blog!

The Friday before Halloween, Roweyn's Preschool did a Halloween Celebration during class. We all brought a non candy item for each child (I forgot ours so I had to bring them the next week) and then we went outside because the weather was gorgeous and the older kids passed out the treats to the younger kids in Roweyn's class. It was pretty cute and the kids had a great time. Roweyn and I dressed up as peacocks! I made the feathers for the costume and then just incorporated clothes we already had in order to make the costume.

*Side note: This post was written in December but I decided to publish it as if it was October so everything would be in the right month.

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