Sunday, April 29, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 63

It's a no pants kind of day while posing in the window. This girl cracks me up! The next day while I went to find pants for her, I came back to find purple marker that apparently wasn't washable, all over her legs. That pic was after I washed her legs off. It lasted a few days!

Roweyn wanted to wear my hat that I was wearing so I gave her one of my others. She wore it the entire time at preschool. Everyone thought it was so cute and I must admit she does look pretty flippin darling!

Snackin on a sprinkled donut while we were having our garage sale. And sporting a vest we found in our boxes of clothes we were selling. Why do kids look so cute in vests even when the actual vest isn't that cute? I'm just not a big fan of characters on clothing. But she likes it so it's hers!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Documenting our life in the sun and sand with our smiley baby in Virginia Beach

I am a 26 year old Christian, wife and mother located in Denver, CO. I have three gorgeous kids Judah almost 6, Ora 3 and Ari almost 1. I love to blog about my family and life.  I sometimes get bogged down with life and don't get around to posting a bunch, but I do love to blog anyway. 


Hi, I'm Meg from The Kissy Pearl! I'm a 20 year-old engaged fur-mama that loves the feeling of yarn. I'm a crocheter, day-dreamer, and a Pit Bull activist. I enjoy all things:  colorful, inspiring, and adorable. I write about my daily life, pup, and the things I find lovely...

After a month or two away from blogging I'm really excited to say that I'm back! I am looking forward to meeting new faces & smiles.

Pacific Northwest born and raised, photographing my way through the day till bed time, doing my best to raise three little ladies with teenager tendencies. All the while, studying to be a doula and navigating this new life as wife to my damn hot husband. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Here you will find the running monologue of the misadventures that are our life.


Marcella, Single mama soon to be wifed up, 2 year old daughter Pella aka PEEJ. Blogging about What life throws at you, the good and the bad, neato baby stuff, and a little bit of everything else in between.


Hi Everyone! I'm Darlene- mamma to 4 year old Jasper (and a baby girl due in April!) and newlywed to Drew. We are currently living and loving in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado! I blog about everything I'm passionate about, my family, the outdoors, traveling the world, raising my son bilingual (Swedish and English), going organic,fashion, SHOES, and my biggest passion of all- being a mamma.  I'd love to have you stop by and say hi!  

Hi! I am the writer at Life with Cupcakes. I started this blog about a year ago to jot down life as a new mom. The star of my blog is my Cupcake, with appearances from myself and the Bubba. I hope you'll stop by and stay a while.

Shelley and Danny Lemaire are a husband and wife photography team, Danny takes the photos, Shelley edits them and what an amazing team they make! We had the pleasure of working with them back in September (You can see all Family Photos throughout our October & November posts, as well as the photos in our banner & buttons) and I can't wait to work with them again soon! Here is a little tid bit about their blog.
Our blog is less of a "Photography Blog" and more of a "A Little Bit Of Everything We're Into" blog. It will be MOSTLY Photography, but we will also be posting our videos, How-To's, DIY's, Custom Editing, Etsy Shop, and Blogs about our family and home. It's a central hub for you to see what we're into and what we're up to.


After the birth of her daughter in 2011, Lauren turned to the Internet to find out how to meet fellow moms. She was disappointed at the lack of resources for area mothers and didn’t have the time to comb through newspaper event listings and corporate websites.

The Reno-Sparks Mom is here to fill that void. With a easy to read event listing with events that matter to Moms, a comprehensive list of local resources and inspiration from a creative blog, the Reno-Sparks Mom is your source for all things motherhood in Northern Nevada.
Come back daily as we highlight the local events and inspiration that matter to you, the Reno Sparks Mom.
Lauren, author of this website formerly known as LaureNspired, created this blog as a creative outlet and a way to keep in touch with family across the country in 2008.  Since then it has followed their little family from struggling newlyweds, to first time homebuyers, to first time parents.
Reno and Sparks are both beautiful cities in Northern Nevada, nestled in the hills (and desert) below the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 62

Back to work in the salon on Monday morning. Roweyn at dance class on Tuesday striking a pose.

 Park playdate with Roweyn's best friend! And what not napping looks like after the park!

Friday morning shenanigans. Spinning on toys at preschool.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Tall Pines Bike-a-thon at Roweyn's Preschool

On Saturday Roweyn's Preschool hosted a bike-a-thon to help raise money for the school. Roweyn doesn't have a bike yet just a push car, but we took it anyway so we could join in.

Waiting at the start line with kids of all ages! We went around the track a few times, but it was almost 90 degrees out so every time we did a lap we stopped to get a drink. And then we got hungry so we set out a picnic and ate some lunch with friends.

After lunch one of Roweyn's friends let her try out her balance bike. I have been wanting to get one for Roweyn for quite awhile after seeing how awesome they were but hadn't had a chance to try one out yet. Roweyn did great on it for the first time! She kept wanting to swivel the handlebars though while she walked the bike which made it kinda hard to balance but with a little practice I think she'll get it in no time.

Haven't heard of a balance bike before? It's basically a bike without pedals. They say if your child can walk, they can ride this bike. They use their feet to walk the bike and when they get comfortable, they start running and even put their feet up balancing on the bike. It eliminates the need for training wheels when the time comes because they've already learned how to balance the bike. I think it is AWESOME and can't wait to get one for Rowe!

Picking dandelions and making wishes.

We had such a fun day! I can't wait for all our Summer Activities and teaching Roweyn how to ride a bike at only 2.5 years old!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

We celebrated Easter all weekend long. Saturday morning we headed over to our local giant park where they do a huge Easter Egg hunt for ages 0-12 with categories for all the ages.

Roweyn did great, waiting oh so patiently to start. We saw friends and doggies in the park and did lots of people watching while we waited.

And then it was show time! Roweyn went straight for the eggs grabbing any she could find and within a minute it was over. There were so many people it went by so fast! After the park we came home and rested a bit before heading out to another park to meet up with a friend. After we got home from that park Roweyn was very worn out and took a nice nap.

While she was napping I was able to get her Easter basket all ready and hidden for Easter day. And Easter morning she ran right to it and opened it up! Finding all sorts of goodies in it!

She found some treats and stickers in the eggs, new activity coloring books, bubbles and some new shoes too!

After she was done opening her basket, we waited for all our family to arrive so we could have an Easter Egg hunt outside, as well as a nice brunch and then head to the park for another Easter Egg hunt!

After hiding all the Eggs (I think there was more than 100 hidden), Roweyn, my sister Tayelor and my niece Devyn who's 7 started the hunt.

Showing us their loot after the hunt! Then it was brunch time and after that we went to the park, where Roweyn was being surprisingly shy during the hunt after doing so well with the others. But she snapped out of it quickly and found lots of goodies and couldn't wait to show us.

My darling girl and me. And my favorite picture from the brother Trevor, Roweyn and me. Apparently I didn't get the memo about sticking my tongue out!

All the girls with the Easter Bunny!

We had a wonderful Easter but it was very busy and by the afternoon I was exhausted. Our family all left and I passed out with Rowe when I put her down for a late nap. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and it was the perfect way to end the Holiday. 

Hope everyone else had just as great of a day!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 61

Making cute faces while painting pictures. Even with four eyes she's still super cute!

Showing off her new boots from her best friend. A girl and her dog, ready for a walk.

Taking a rest on the slide at the park. A darling Easter Photo my Mom took of Roweyn.

Another photo my Mom took of Roweyn. One of my new favorite photos too! I just love how sweet she looks in that darling dress. #Flashbackfriday Roweyn's first Easter at almost 4 months old.

#Flashbackfriday Roweyn's second Easter with the Easter bunny! Roweyn and a giant Easter Egg. She's obsessed with it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 60

Roweyn watching Coco our Chinchilla. My very first book I've read since being pregnant. I read it in a day! I always thought I just didn't have the time but I missed reading A LOT! Guess I just needed to make time for it. And I'm so glad I did!

Easter Egg hunt at Roweyn's Preschool on the playground. She LOVED it! And every time she'd open an egg she would gasp at the surprise she found inside, it was darling.

Playing on the Pirate Ship at Preschool. And enjoying her Easter snack.

Wearing her sunglasses in the house. She is all about them this year and looks super cute in them!


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