Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 31 Pt. 2

If you missed Pt. 1 check it out here....

After Preschool, my Mom and Tayelor picked us up to start our road trip up to Trinity River where we were meeting my Dad at his friends cabin right on the river for the night. Roweyn slept for almost 3 hours (Preschool really wore her out I guess!) and woke up when we hit a very windy part of the drive. We had to stop about 45 minutes before we got there to get some food at the grocery store, and right when we pulled into the parking lot, I turned to look at Roweyn and she had thrown up all over herself. :( I felt so bad she got car sick!! I wasn't feeling that good either but it didn't really occur to me that Roweyn might have been feeling the same way. So then we had to clean everything up and go grocery shopping which put us about an hour behind schedule, but we made it there with no other problems and it was SO nice to finally be out of the car!

There was no cell service there which was kind of nice for once, so I took the majority of my photos with my camera so I wouldn't kill the battery on my phone. We made dinner and had a quiet night at the cabin Friday night and then on Saturday after we cleaned up and did some laundry, including Roweyn's yucky clothes and her car seat, we headed down the road to the river for a couple hours. The water was freezing even though it was in the 90's outside, I couldn't get in past my shins. haha There were some shallow little holes dug up on the sand right at the edge of the water which made the water pretty warm so Roweyn had fun playing in them.

After the river it was time to make our way to Humboldt County to see all our family and go to my cousin's wedding reception which was the main point of our trip.

Sunday was my cousin's "Hoe Down" Wedding Reception. It was so fun and so easy going, totally non traditional which made pretty cool. If I ever get married I imagine mine will be pretty similar. We spent the day outside, eating, exploring and listening to the music while spending time with all our family that was there. That second photo is the view from their back yard. So pretty! The next is the great band that played and last is Rowe hanging out on the hay bale with her Papa. She had a lot of fun playing with my Dad and making him chase her around everywhere.

She found some big logs to play on, and now that I think about it I don't think she stayed still for more than a minute or two the entire time we were there. When it started to cool down and get a little dark out we decided it was time to head over to see our other side of the family at my Aunt's where they were having a Birthday Party for my Uncle.

The next morning we packed everything up and headed over to my Grandma's to say goodbye to her. Roweyn loved exploring her garden.

Lots of flowers to touch, smell and hit which is what she thinks is so funny in that photo on the left, she then proceeded to lounge on the deck for who knows what reason.

Our drive home went pretty smoothly, I think we made two stops, one for lunch and one for dinner. Its about a 6 hour drive, give or take. Apparently Roweyn was really worn out because she was out cold that night. ha I kinda really love that photo of her.

It was quite the week for us and both trips went by so fast which is pretty typical, there never seems to be enough time, I'm just glad we were able to go though.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 31 Pt. 1

We spent our Labor day lounging around in Tahoe. I'm splitting this into two parts because we had sooo much going on, I don't want to bore you with all of it at once. ;)

Roweyn loved eating her breakfast on the deck while watching the boats drive by on the lake. 

We played some ping pong with the girls. Roweyn had a blast trying to play and every time we would serve she would throw an extra ball onto the table and try to hit the balls with the paddle. My moms cousin took some photos of us and Roweyn kept posing holding a paddle up in the air. Its funny how she totally knows when we're doing a group photo and knows when she should pose, it's the only time she'll actually do it. If it's just her she won't hold still.

We worked up an appetite playing so we made some lunch and played on the deck. I couldn't help but take this photo of her sitting on Cyder. Ha! I promise she's not hurting her. Totally wouldn't let that happen. 

She found that hat in a bin of toys and put it on herself then ran around with it for a while. Doesn't she look like such a big girl?! Gah she's growing up SO fast!!!

After a wonderful day and a half, we headed back home Monday evening and then I was back for a long day of work on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we headed over to see our best friends new baby, which I totally forgot to mention was born on Saturday while we were working. She is beautiful and I was having so much fun holding her for an hour and a half that I didn't get to take a photo of her!!

After we were done visiting we took a trip to Target and met up with another best friend for some hang out time while shopping before he left to go back to college. I bought a few toys for Roweyn since we were getting ready to take a road trip this weekend and wanted to make sure she would stay busy. I got her one of those magnet doodle toys and some color wonder books and markers and she picked out a little dump truck toy. I found some new boots for me which I was pretty excited about since my other ones are about 3 to 4 years old. And I found Roweyn a cute brown cardigan and some super cute striped knee socks!

We had a little picnic in our car before going home since it's about a 45 minute drive and then on the way home I picked up my very first Pumpkin Spice Frap from Starbucks and I gotta say, it was pretty good!!

The last photo above and the photo below are a little backwards but on Friday it was Roweyn's very first day of Mommy and Me Preschool!! I got a bunch of cute photos of her before school and some cute ones at school too! See her cute button name tag on her in the above photo? Love it! She had fun playing with the baby dolls, play dough, painting and playing in flour (they have a big tub thats filled with flour instead of sand). We also did circle time where we sang songs and met Chester the Raccoon, then we had snack time and after snack time we headed outside to play. After play time we came back inside for circle time to say goodbye and sing the goodbye song!

I'm so excited to be doing this with Roweyn. We've gone twice now and I look forward to it every week! So far Roweyn's class is the only one that isn't completely filled up and she happens to be the only girl in it. I'm hoping some more girls will join so she can meet some new girlfriends!

How cute is this photo?? I want to do this every year with her. :)

Pt. 2 will be back tomorrow with some more cute photos!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 30

Here we are back at the very end of August. Like I said the other day, we took a couple little trips and I took the time off so here are the photos from the week before & the weekend of our first short trip!

Our new Zuzii Bow clips arrived in the mail. I bought them for Roweyn but she only wears them for short periods of time so I get to wear them too! I'm hoping she will wear them for our photos coming up in just a little over a week!! Eeep! So soon!!

We put a little more blonde back into the ends of my hair and am loving this color!

Roweyn modeling her darling dress that she had yet to wear...its a size 9mo and she is 20 months and it fits her perfectly!! She's also sporting the darling Zuzii bow that looks SO  dang cute in her hair!

Speaking of Zuzii again, use the code "Ash15" and get 15% off your entire order!! I got a 6 pack of those clips for only $10.75 and then I got 15% off. Totally worth it! They make other hair accessories as well and super cute shoes and boots!!!

Morning snuggles! Roweyn's new favorite thing to do in the morning to wake me up is sit right on top of me! It definitely works. She's getting heavier and it's not the most comfortable thing anymore.

Roweyn keeping busy at work the 1st day of September. UHH September?? I was talking about how I couldn't believe it was September and now we're in the middle of it. Where the heck does time go???

Snuggles at home after work. Love when she wants to give me snuggles cause it's not something I get whenever I want anymore! Little girl has a very big opinion of what she will and won't do these days.

The weekend of labor day we worked on Saturday and then headed up to Tahoe to my Mom's cousins cabin that is right on the lake, on Sunday for the night. It was Roweyn's and my VERY first overnight trip this ENTIRE Summer. The only other trip we took was to Squaw Valley on Father's Day and that was just for the day. So since then we haven't gone anywhere. This was a really nice little trip for us.

We (and when I say we I mean my Mom, sister, her friend and of course Rowe and me) spent the day on Sunday exploring and playing at the cabin, my brother and his girlfriend came up and met us there a little later. We went on a nice long 2ish hour boat ride where Roweyn took her 2nd nap of the day which is extremely rare these days. She's just like me. I grew up being on a boat every summer and still to this day whenever I'm on one, I get hungry and want a nap. Same exact thing with Roweyn. It cracks me up. Cyder came with us on the trip as well and loved doing lots of sniffing and exploring too and I couldn't help but snap that photo of her in the grass.

And the rest of our photos from our trip will be in the next Roweyn's Ramblings. Can't share it all in one. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Summer in Photos Pt. 1

So here are the first photos from the beginning of Summer in June...

Swimming on her belly and kicking

Father's Day in Squaw Valley

Play Date with Kashmir

Next up will be our photos from July! I've used my iPhone to take A LOT of photos this summer and not a bunch with my regular camera but I always post the ones on my phone so these photos are all from my camera.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We're on a Blogging Break...Well Sorta

We took a couple quick trips this past week so I have been away from my computer quite a bit! I'm also trying to get ready for our outdoor photos that we will be doing in a couple weeks so we've been busy busy busy!!

I've really been wanting to just post more photos of what we have been up to this summer so I think I am going to do that until I have some time to catch up.

So be on the lookout for a lot of posts full of photo overload!


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