Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 6 Months Rowe!

Today is your Half Birthday Roweyn! 

I can't believe that it has already been 6 months since you came into this world and changed my life for the better.

You are such an amazing girl, constantly teaching me new things, how to be a better Mama and a better person. You never cease to amaze me.

You are talking away, practically sitting up on your own and putting everything you can grab into your mouth, not to mention you are starting to eat solids too!

I am so excited to see what life brings us and for the adventures we will take together.


Love forever,
      Your Mamas

P.S. Don't forget, its been you and me from the start and no matter what life brings us, I will always there for you.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Working Mom

So it's official. I am now a working Mom.

While I was pregnant I always had it in my head that I would start working towards the end of spring or beginning of summer. Which surprisingly actually happened! I wanted to try to wait till Rowe was around 6 months and eating solids. I figured it might be easier that way so we wouldn't be relying on just me pumping at work and having enough milk in the freezer. Although she is only eating rice cereal once or twice a day right now, I think its a start in the right direction.

I was unsure of how it would be going back to work after having Roweyn. The transition has been a little easier than expected. Of course I miss her like crazy when I am gone and I would love to just stay home with her all the time but Mama's gotta make some chedder. haha

This week was my first big week of being gone. We're still trying to make schedule adjustments but I'm working 5 hours on Mondays, Thursdays and possibly Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Rowe does pretty well with my Mom when I am gone but the past few nights after I get home she has been pretty fussy and I am assuming it's from me being gone.

I am trying to figure out ways to make it easier on her and help her adjust. If any of you working Moms have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

It feels great to be back in the hair world! I have missed it! Right now I am mainly assisting so I can get some "real world" salon training but will hopefully soon have a day of taking clients. :) 

By the way I am working at BonBon Salon Spa in downtown Grass Valley. (If you click on the name it will take you to their facebook page. Make sure you click "Like"!) It's a wonderful salon and I am so excited to be working there. Hope you all can make it in sometime!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What Will Rowe Do Today?

Rowe is going to be 6 months in a week! I can't believe that its almost been half a year since I gave birth to her! So crazy to think about!

She is getting bigger and bigger every day. Always surprising me with something new that she can do.

We started putting her in her little entertainment saucer the beginning of May and she could barely reach all of the toys. A couple weeks ago she was able to reach all of them and put them in her mouth. She can hit the buttons and make the music play and she can grab the toys and move them all around. Not long ago she wasn't able to make the seat swivel and now she is doing it like she's a pro.
She is so close to sitting up on her own but hasn't quite mastered her balance yet. See I'm not even touching her! 
She has definitely found her voice! Talking non stop with some squealing and screaming. No ear piercing screams yet though! Thank God! haha The other day Tayelor said Hi to her when she got home from swim practice and Roweyn said Hi back! No joke! She loves talking to Cyder and all the kitties too! She giggles non stop and her Auntie Tayelor can always make her smile and giggle.

A couple weekends ago we put her in the swing on our deck for the first time. She LOVED it!
When we first got the bebe pod for Rowe to sit in, her legs stuck straight out. Now when she sits in it her feet touch the floor.

I feel like in just the past couple weeks she has grown a ton! I wish I knew her weight and length. I think she had a big growth spurt.

She is grabbing everything in sight and it all goes straight to her mouth. She is SO curious about everything. She wants to constantly see and touch everything around her.

I can't wait to see what she'll do next!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Time Flys When You're Having Fun!

So I told myself I was going to write more often on here, and yet here I am almost a month later posting again. :| oops! Well what can I say? We've been busy!

Between the last post and now not a whole lot has happened. Just been having fun with Rowe and keeping busy.

But last week we were gone all week. We went to Humboldt County to visit family. Rowe and I drove up with my Dad. It was the first time we were really on our own without my Mom for more than a day. We're not around her much during the day anyway but not having her there just in case was interesting. It gave me a chance to see how I can do on my own. And we did great! :)

We saw most of our family and some great friends! We were very excited to see Jen with Asa and her new baby Cain. So adorable by the way! Rowe wanted to play with him so badly!

We went to the Kinetic Sculpture Races while we were there which was a lot of fun. For those of you who don't know what the Kinetic Sculpture Races was created by a man who wanted to show kids that you can still have fun even when you're old. Even though there was all different ages in the race. But basically people build a sculpture on top of bikes and then its a 3 day race starting in Arcata and ending in Fortuna. They have to not only ride on streets but also through sand dunes, and in the water and possibly some other obstacles I don't know about. They have to transform their bikes into basically paddle bikes. It's pretty cool. We got to watch most of them launch into the bay in Eureka. While most of them succeeded there were a few that didn't quite make it. It was a lot of fun anticipating which ones would float and move once they were in the water. Most of the time when we go up there its all about visiting family so this was a nice change. 

Rowe learned to pant like a dog when she got excited while we were there. haha It's pretty stinkin cute. She also learned how to stick her toes in her mouth and suck on them! Probably even cuter!

I used disposable diapers while we were there because I would have had to spend time washing our cloth diapers and I wanted to focus on the fam. Not that washing cloth diapers takes a long time it just takes more time than disposables. They are so worth the extra time though. After using sposies for the week I pretty much hated that decision! ha They made Roweyn's bum irritated, they stink, there were blowouts (we've never had one in our cloth dipes), and you have to change them way more often than cloth! We're going to Reno this next weekend and I will definitely be using our Fuzzibunz cloth dipes!

We haven't seen any pink in Rowe's diapers for a few weeks now so yay for that!

I haven't gotten a job yet but I'm not too worried about it. When the time is right one will pop up. And I have something in August that I can do if I don't have a job in a salon. And it's actually pretty cool. So whatever comes up first I'll be pretty excited.

Now that we're all caught up on whats been going on the past few weeks I'll try to have another post up shortly thats mainly all about the new things Rowe can do!


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