Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 29

I had a really busy work week last week and the days I had off my plans fell through so Roweyn and I were able to spend some quiet quality time together.

The rest of Sunday evening that we spent outside, Roweyn played in her sand box on the deck and realized her swim diaper was wet and not off it went with the help of mommy! Which then resulted in her doing some naked gardening! So cute!

Monday I was at work for 9 hours, it was a very LONG and TIRING day with very little down time and no breaks longer than a minute or two. I was exhausted when I got home and it was a very short evening with Roweyn.

Tuesday after a short time at work, I met up with my mom to get Roweyn and headed home which resulted in Roweyn falling asleep in the car since it was nap time and she woke up as soon as we pulled into the driveway and refused to go back to sleep so she only had a 15 minute nap. I thought we were going to head back out again and figured she would just take a nap in the car on the way there but we ended up not going so instead we played outside on the chair and then down at the beach.

I didn't get any pictures Wednesday and I have no idea why since we were home all day. We were supposed to have company visiting in the morning but they had an emergency with their friends and couldn't make it.

Thursday was our first day back to work at P.Pants Cloth Diaper Store after a month and a half off. My friend Trisha who I threw the shower for and who also owns the store is now on Maternity Leave. We started our morning with Rowe sleeping in and I couldn't resist getting a few photos of her. I LOVE when babies/toddlers sleep with their arms behind their head. So cute!! It ended up being a bit of a difficult day for Roweyn. She wasn't too stoked on being cooped up in the store all day and she only took a 30 minute nap so she was pretty grumpy and wanted to get into everything. We were both very happy to go home.

Friday was another VERY LONG day at work and when I got home it was time for Roweyn to go to bed so we didn't get to spend too much time together and the next morning we had to get up and head to the diaper store again.

First off, Roweyn turned 20 Months on Saturday! Can't believe shes no longer in the teens! haha But what I really can't get over is that in 4 months she will be 2! Just thinking about it stresses me out!

We spent our day at the diaper store, Roweyn was in a better mood than Thursday and we were able to spend some time outside in front of our store since the Farmers Market was going on on the street right outside our door. It's been there all Summer and I've worked at the store off and on during it but it was the first one I spotted Boba Tea at. I've been craving it all summer and as far as I know none of our local shops have it but one of the booths did. I ran over there so fast to get one and it was just as good as I hoped.

When we got home we headed out on the boat for an evening ride. Roweyn was sitting in the back with my mom and the wind was blowing in her face and the sun was shining and she was making the funniest faces. I couldn't help but laugh! She loves the boat though, just like I did and still do.

This morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast outside on our lower patio by the beach, after we were done Roweyn spent some time playing in the playhouse, she closed the door so no one could come in and I think she forgot that she did that cause then she was peeking out the window and at one point tried to climb out. I told her all she had to do was open the door to get out and she says "Oh" and turns around to open the door. The way she said "Oh" was like she had totally forgotten about the door. 

We both took a nice nap in the middle of the day and when we got up we did some cleaning, we got a "new to us" couch put upstairs that is quite comfy and then headed out to the yard for a bit for some swimming and drawing.

All in all we had a fun yet very busy week and this week we will have another!

P.S. Night weaning has been going pretty well! Her last time nursing before heading to bed is usually between 9 and 9:30 and then we go about 8 hours without, then I will let her nurse again. She basically doesn't ask for it at night anymore until she has hit the point around 8 hours where she asks and gets pretty upset if I say no. It's definitely helping us sleep better and it makes me not mind having her in my bed because she's not glued to my side.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Movie Monday: Week Thirty One

It's been a little bit since I've done a Movie Monday post so I thought I would do one today! It's a cute video from the beginning of May when Roweyn had just turned 16 months and was really starting to climb on EVERYTHING which you will see a little of in this video. But most of the video is of Roweyn playing Peek a Boo and being all sorts of cute! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 28

What's that you say? I'm actually on time with a post for the first time in months?! I know I can hardly believe it myself!! 

Our friends left early Monday morning and for some reason our Monday was dead at the salon so I had the chance to get my own hair done! Well after I cut one clients hair. I decided it was time for a change so bye bye went the all over blonde; then Ombre and I met for the first time. I love it, it ended up a bit darker than what I was wanting so we are going to add more blonde on my upper layers whenever we get a chance. 
After many hours at the salon I ran home, changed into my swimsuit and then drove down to the river to meet up with my parents, sister and of course Roweyn for a little while. There was a mom there with her kids, she had a super pretty 2 year old boy, he had long hair that was in a bun so from behind we thought he was a girl and he had no clothes on. Even from the side, his face was so pretty he totally could have passed as a girl until he turned all the way around and we saw his little wee wee. haha 
But anyways this Mom was there with all NINE of her kids, by herself! And they were all so well behaved, the ages ranging from two being the youngest up to 16 being the oldest. And she HOMESCHOOLS all of them!! Totally crazy, I don't know how she could do that.

Tuesday after I got home from work we headed over to the park to go to the beach. We spent the evening there with some friends, snacking on food and playing in the sand and water. Roweyn had a lot of fun playing on all the floats on the grass and lounging on them. After we got home, I noticed Roweyn had some sort of little red rash on her legs, not sure what it was from and it didn't seem to bother but I threw her in the bath anyways just incase something was irritating her skin. It looked a little better after the bath and by the next day it seemed to have pretty much disappeared.

Wednesday we spent the day by ourselves recovering from all the busy activities we had done for the past week. So after breakfast we played with some playdough, one of her favorite new things to do! She's pretty good about not sticking it in her mouth although sometimes I do catch her licking it. haha

After we were done with the playdough we did some laundry and spent some time playing together. She climbed on the pillows behind my head and played with my hair, being a silly monkey. After lots of playing and some more chores, Roweyn went down for a nap while I did a little blogging and cleaning. 
When she woke up I fed her some lunch and while she was eating, her new Bumbleride Indie Stroller arrived on our doorstep! We were super excited as we had been waiting for about a week and a half for it to arrive! I put it together with no problem while Roweyn finished her lunch and then we tested it out in the house as soon as she was done! I think she likes her new ride almost as much as I do!
I haven't gone anywhere to even be able to put it to the test, but have been playing with it inside the house and am pretty sure I am in love!

Thursday was another day off where we spent a good chunk of the day outside. We played with chalk and made Roweyn a crown. We jumped on the trampoline with Auntie Tayelor and even Cyder joined us on it! Then we spent some time on the back deck when my dad/Roweyn's Papa called and Roweyn spent probably 15 minutes chatting with him on the phone. It was such a sweet moment. Every time we told her to say "bye bye to Papa", she would say "Nooo" and turn around so we couldn't take the phone from her.
I love how much Roweyn adores my dad. It took some time for her to warm up to him the first few months after she was born since he's only home every other weekend. But for the past couple weeks when he is gone, Roweyn walks around every day looking for him and when she hears a noise she points towards it and asks "Papa?" hoping the noise is him. It's the sweetest thing. I'm so glad Roweyn can have a close relationship with her Grandparents.

#flashbackfriday Me Summer 2007, gosh that feels like FOREVER ago! That was a fun weekend full of memories and firsts that I won't forget.

Friday night Roweyn kept waking up over and over and finally I decided to put her in bed with me after midnight. I also decided that it was time to night wean her because I feel like she just wants to nurse all night long and it's really interrupting our sleep. So I started that night, I don't think we fully fell asleep until around 2am, she kept waking up and fussing and having some fits since I wouldn't let her nurse or put her hand in my shirt which she likes to do for comfort. After 2am she fussed a couple more times off and on and then later that morning when it was light out I let her nurse.

Saturday we played with more playdough which as you can tell I had a little fun with! Mommy Loves Roweyn.
After her nap we played outside in her pool. That's the face Roweyn gives me every time I tell her to say "cheese".

Roweyn was being so funny with this towel, first she was dragging it around everywhere with her. Then she saw the cat laying down on the brick wall so she laid her towel out in front of it and laid down on it. Then the cat got up so she picked up her towel, sat down on the step with the cat and wrapped her towel around her. Got such a sweet photo too! After that it was back down to the beach with the towel where Nana wrapped it around her and she became a swaddled toddler!

Saturday night I was determined to keep trying with the night weaning so it was really our first real night of it. So she nursed around 9pm, I told her that Roweyn, Mommy and Milk were all going nigh nights and she could have Milk in the morning when it was light out and after we had slept through the night, I told her this a few times before she fell asleep. Then I put her in her crib sometime after that and she slept there with no interruptions until 2am. At 2 I pulled her into bed with me, I told her we needed to go back to sleep and she could have Milk when it was light out. She fussed a little bit a few different times between 2 and 6 but it was better than the night before and I nursed her at 6 and then again when we woke up around 8:30. 

I was reading some articles online that said to do 7 hour stretches between nursing at night and we ended up going longer than that last night because we were able to but my goal is to go at least 7 hours and we did so I know we are on the right path with a good start!

Today we got up, had breakfast and then got ready to head out to meet up with some people who wanted to buy Roweyn's Infant Carseat and Stroller I was selling on craigslist. I was a little nervous as I've never sold or bought anything on craigslist before and not only that, we had to drive almost 30 minutes to a meeting place as they aren't locals to our area. The meet up went well, they were happy with everything and I made some money! I'm glad I was able to sell it and so happy to not have to worry about it taking up space in the garage anymore! I'm thinking I might have to put a few other things on craigslist soon!

We got home fixed up some lunch and I put the kiddo down for a nap. Now she's up and we are getting ready to head outside!

We have a pretty busy week coming up. I start work over at the diaper store again, two days a week on top of my 2 to 3 days at the salon and we have some company coming for the day on Wednesday so posting will most likely not happen unless I have time to schedule something but in case I don't get to it.....

Have a great week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our First Trip to the Sac Zoo

Back in July we took a trip to down to the Sacramento Zoo with friends Kayla and Kallie when we were having a week of cooler weather. I talked a little bit about in it Roweyn's Ramblings with the photos I took on my phone. And of course I'm just now finally getting around to posting all the super cute photos I took on my camera so just a warning this is very picture heavy!

Lots of Orangatang Love

One of her favorites at the zoo...the Carousel

She saw a bird and loves to point them out

The Giraffes were definitely Roweyn's Favorite animals at the zoo

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 27

We started off our last week with me throwing a Surprise Baby Shower/Get Together for my best friend on Sunday. I wanted to do something for her before she had two kiddos and went a little MIA for a bit. I've never really thrown any type of party before, besides Roweyns Birthday but even for that I had help from my  mom. This time I didn't but I had lots of help from other wonderful friends who came to celebrate. Trisha hates surprises but we went with it anyways and it wasn't anything so crazy and over the top and she ended up having some suspicions on the drive to the party so it wasn't too much of a shocker for her. (At least I don't think so). We had a fun evening BBQing and just enjoying everyones company with a few gifts and decorations involved. I don't have any photos on my phone but do have some on my camera that maybe at some point will make it onto the blog!

So these photos start on Monday:

After I got home from work we ended up outside of course! And some how that turned into us going for a little dip in the lake fully clothed. Roweyn got soaked after splashing around but only my legs got wet luckily!
On Tuesday I did some major upstairs cleaning, and while doing that, I finally got a chance to hang up some of Roweyn's art work in her room. I had the supplies out still from the party on Sunday and thought it would be the perfect time to get it done! The painting with Roweyn's name on it is a beautiful piece of art that my brothers girlfriend Sierra created for Roweyn. It's not only a painting but so much more. The tree branch and the sky is paint, but the Owl, Bug, and Leaves are paper cut outs with designs on them, then the pink squares are actually wood squares painted and glued on AND the string that is "holding" them up on the branch is actual string! She even wrapped ribbon around the edges of the canvas. I hope to always have it for Roweyn cause it's definitely a keepsake.
Wednesday we went to the fair with my brother, Sierra, my mom and my sister Tayelor. We had lots of fun looking at all the animals and going on a few rides, all the photos are on my camera so hopefully I can get them into a post soon! Later we met up with our favorite friends who drove up from Southern California to spend 5 days with us. It was so good to see them!

Thursday we headed to the river only about 10 minutes from our house with all our friends. Roweyn was pretty grumpy, she didn't get to bed till after 11 on Wednesday night and we headed down to the river right at nap time. So she slept for less than 10 minutes on the way there and then refused to sleep at the river and yet didn't want to swim or play much while we were there! On the way back home she of course fell asleep again, I was lucky enough to get her out of the car and into the big bed in her room where we both ended up napping for an hour or two.
After we got up we got ready and then headed to town for Thursday Night Market. We ate some yummy food, drank some yummy drinks, walked around and then found some local fruits and veggies to take home for our dinner the next night!
Friday after I got home from work I headed outside where everyone was enjoying the beach and the lake. Roweyn was in a happier mood after getting a nice nap in at her normal time. Although she did bump her head when they had been out in the boat, but she seemed to be okay. She played on the trampoline and in the sand, and I even got a little french braid in her hair!

Saturday we spent another entire day at the fair, where again I didn't take any photos on my phone, just on my camera. I will talk all about our day in the post with all the photos.

And Sunday we headed over to a friends house for a bit to see their new house, afterwards we came home, had lunch and Roweyn and I both took a nice nap. When our friends got back we spent the rest of the day/evening outside playing in the water and on the beach. It was a nice way to spend our last day with our friends before they headed back home on Monday. Seeing our friends only once a year for such a short time is not enough! But I am excited to hopefully be heading down to their place next summer since Southern California is one of my favorite places to be since it's got the beach and it's always warm and of course has our favorite friends there!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings | Wk. 26

I tried to get this out only semi late instead of a week late again. I've had half of it ready but then we had company and it's been postponed. ha We had a pretty fun week last week (I guess it's now 2 weeks ago) and I just noticed that I somehow managed to not take any photos Monday or Tuesday. Monday I worked all day and Tuesday was a day of cleaning and getting some stuff planned for the weekend before heading to a fun class at our salon for the evening.

Wednesday we went to the river with friends for the FIRST time this summer! The water levels have been so high and crazy that it hasn't been safe to go until this month. It was a beautiful day, the water was perfect and we had loads of fun. We would probably go every day if we lived a little closer and oh maybe if we didn't have other responsibilities or obligations.
The next morning we were being very good at being sleepy heads and lying around in bed after all the fun we had the day before.

We finally decided to get up and get breakfast. I watched Roweyn be silly like always...slurping milk off her highchair tray because she refuses to eat her food in a bowl and dumps it all out! The she continued by making the CUTEST faces in the world! We spent the rest of the day having fun and spending as little time as  possible on electronics so no photos until she passed out at bed time.

Friday morning Roweyn had what should have been her 18month check up but instead it was more like her 19 month check up. Here are her stats:

Weight: 18lbs 2oz
Height: 32 1/4 inches tall!

She's still on her own growing curve for her weight, she doesn't even make a percentage but she jumped a bit on it which is good. As for height she is in about the 50th percentile. We don't have to go back for another check up for SIX months! That is the first time ever that we don't have to go back for so long so that must be good!

After her check up we headed to Sacramento to go to Goore's, it's a giant local baby super store that carries a little bit of the nicer baby products and gear and has awesome customer service. I don't think I have been there in about 8 years give or take, since my sister was pretty little. I've bought items on their website but it's a little bit of a drive for us. And after doing it, I now know why I haven't done it for so's just too long of a drive and the traffic sucks. Luckily I don't think I'll need to go down there for anything else and can just order stuff from them online. 

We went down there to check out the strollers. Goore's is pretty much awesome for their customer service but even more awesome for their customer service on their baby gear. You can go in and test anything inside, you can take the car seats to your car and test them in there and you can take the strollers outside for a walk and such to test everything out. 

I decided it was time to look for something a little more functional and versatile and I realized that Roweyn was really already outgrowing her Chicco Cortina. It's a great stroller and I loved it but the foot rest only had 2 positions on it, completely down, or completely up. So if you baby tries to sleep in it, they either have to let their feet hang off the edge or they have to be completely squished and uncomfortable. Plus I wanted something a little better for different terrain. I'm so not a jogger and I kind of really dislike the common jogging strollers but I wanted something similar but more my style. I told myself that I was going there just to LOOK but had a giant feeling I would leave with a little less money in my bank account. I pretty much found exactly what I was looking for. I realized when I started doing my online research that if I wanted a stroller I would be happy with, I was going to have to shell out a little extra cash than I had originally planned. But that's okay with me because I know it will be worth it with this stroller. I was hoping to have it by now but it got delayed shipping out so I'm hoping to have it by Wednesday and I can't wait!

After we got home we headed outside to play. While in the playhouse I found some chalk so I decided to leave a note with chalk on the wall. Not sure why we've never done that before, but I kinda love the idea of writing little notes all over the wall!

Good morning on Saturday! After only an hour in town Roweyn fell asleep on the way home, still rear facing in her car seat! I got her out of her seat and she was still passed out! Normally she wakes up as soon as I unbuckle her.

After she woke up we headed back into the yard where Roweyn found a sled to pull back and forth on the sidewalk. The cutest boatshoes I found for Rowe at Payless of all places! We were eating a red licorice late night snack  which turned into a messy situation for Roweyn. Whoops!

Hopefully I will find some free time this week to get some more posts up since we all know I'm sure behind. :/

Monday, August 8, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 25 | Last Week

Our week started off last week with the fam going out of town so Roweyn and I had the house to ourselves for a few days. That means no work for me while Nana is gone and can't watch Rowe so somehow I end up planning something for every day off, which is great, but can be a little tiring!

Roweyn napping on Sunday the 24th.
All day Monday all Roweyn did was climb on EVERYTHING! I set her down, turn away for 2 seconds, turn back around and she is standing on a little table pushing her stroller back and forth! It was stinkin cute but I couldn't believe she did that.
Later we were watching a show, relaxing on the couch...or so I thought, till I turned around to see Roweyn on the keys of the piano playing with Nana's very nice collectables! I don't even think the piano made much of a noise when she climbed up there. Since then we've caught her doing it a few more times. :/
After she was done climbing it was off to waiting to be dragged around on a blanket. A favorite game she loves to play with Auntie Tayelor.

After we were all done playing inside, and when it was cool enough, we moved outside. There's really nothing cuter than a toddler in her cloth diaper! She loves strutting back and forth on that sidewalk. We built some fun sand castles and then she teared them down, which Roweyn thought was very fun.

Tuesday was a busy day and not many photos. We went to Auburn to do some light shopping and then visited an old friend who just had a darling second baby. She has a girl a couple months younger than Roweyn and just had a boy! He's so cute!

Wednesday we headed to Roseville, it mainly ended up being us doing birthday shopping for my sister Tayelor who turned 11 on the 31st! I wore my hair up because it was 100*. We went to Target and I found the CUTEST ankle boots for Roweyn. I put them on her when we got home and she refused to take them off until bed time. Can't wait for Roweyn to wear them in the fall. I think I want her to wear them for our outdoor photos at the beginning of October. How cute would that be?? Another photo of her below, still wearing them. haha

I bought new polish on Tuesday and Wednesday and gave my toesies and fingers some fresh paint on Thursday while Roweyn was napping.
Roweyn and did some cuddling on the couch after she woke up, apparently she thought I was a good chair. I love her snuggles even if I'm just the "chair" hehe

She then proceeded to sit next to me and chew on her toes. Guess shes still quite flexible! I have photos of her doing this in my belly! She would put her foot in her face all the time. I had to get a lot of ultrasounds and theres a few of them with her foot up. I had one of those 3D ultrasounds done and the ENTIRE time she had her foot over one of her eyes. Not joking. She wouldn't budge for anything!!
Friday I was back at work so the only photo I have is after bath time. Babies always look SO cute in hooded towels.
No photos for Saturday. We spent most of the day doing some cleaning. Then we headed down to the park to see a very old friend of mine that I grew up with that just moved back home after 4 years of being in another state. It was fun to see her and meet her little guy who's 3 and for them to meet Roweyn for the first time.
Sunday was Tayelor's 11th Birthday. We spent the morning watching her open presents and then she was off to the closing night of the play she was in. Afterwards they had a cast party and a little birthday party for her as well that we attended.
While we were getting ready to head over to the party, Roweyn once again found something new to climb on! 
Then I went to finish getting ready in my bathroom when Roweyn got very quiet in the other room, so I went to check on her. I found her in her room looking in her mirror, applying "make up" with one of my make up brushes and a lid that she found. Almost DIED! So for a week now she has been carrying around that make up brush and top every day and doing her make up. As soon as we get up, she heads straight to it, and carries it around for as long as I let her or she brings it back to my bed if I'm still in bed and she sits and puts make up on herself and Mommy. I have her leave it upstairs that way it doesn't get lost. It takes a few minutes before we can head downstairs to get her to actually put it down and leave it. ha

I swear, one of these days, things will start to calm down a bit and I will get back to posting these more on time. I'm thinking in September things will be slowing down.


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