Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings | Wk. 26

I tried to get this out only semi late instead of a week late again. I've had half of it ready but then we had company and it's been postponed. ha We had a pretty fun week last week (I guess it's now 2 weeks ago) and I just noticed that I somehow managed to not take any photos Monday or Tuesday. Monday I worked all day and Tuesday was a day of cleaning and getting some stuff planned for the weekend before heading to a fun class at our salon for the evening.

Wednesday we went to the river with friends for the FIRST time this summer! The water levels have been so high and crazy that it hasn't been safe to go until this month. It was a beautiful day, the water was perfect and we had loads of fun. We would probably go every day if we lived a little closer and oh maybe if we didn't have other responsibilities or obligations.
The next morning we were being very good at being sleepy heads and lying around in bed after all the fun we had the day before.

We finally decided to get up and get breakfast. I watched Roweyn be silly like always...slurping milk off her highchair tray because she refuses to eat her food in a bowl and dumps it all out! The she continued by making the CUTEST faces in the world! We spent the rest of the day having fun and spending as little time as  possible on electronics so no photos until she passed out at bed time.

Friday morning Roweyn had what should have been her 18month check up but instead it was more like her 19 month check up. Here are her stats:

Weight: 18lbs 2oz
Height: 32 1/4 inches tall!

She's still on her own growing curve for her weight, she doesn't even make a percentage but she jumped a bit on it which is good. As for height she is in about the 50th percentile. We don't have to go back for another check up for SIX months! That is the first time ever that we don't have to go back for so long so that must be good!

After her check up we headed to Sacramento to go to Goore's, it's a giant local baby super store that carries a little bit of the nicer baby products and gear and has awesome customer service. I don't think I have been there in about 8 years give or take, since my sister was pretty little. I've bought items on their website but it's a little bit of a drive for us. And after doing it, I now know why I haven't done it for so long...it's just too long of a drive and the traffic sucks. Luckily I don't think I'll need to go down there for anything else and can just order stuff from them online. 

We went down there to check out the strollers. Goore's is pretty much awesome for their customer service but even more awesome for their customer service on their baby gear. You can go in and test anything inside, you can take the car seats to your car and test them in there and you can take the strollers outside for a walk and such to test everything out. 

I decided it was time to look for something a little more functional and versatile and I realized that Roweyn was really already outgrowing her Chicco Cortina. It's a great stroller and I loved it but the foot rest only had 2 positions on it, completely down, or completely up. So if you baby tries to sleep in it, they either have to let their feet hang off the edge or they have to be completely squished and uncomfortable. Plus I wanted something a little better for different terrain. I'm so not a jogger and I kind of really dislike the common jogging strollers but I wanted something similar but more my style. I told myself that I was going there just to LOOK but had a giant feeling I would leave with a little less money in my bank account. I pretty much found exactly what I was looking for. I realized when I started doing my online research that if I wanted a stroller I would be happy with, I was going to have to shell out a little extra cash than I had originally planned. But that's okay with me because I know it will be worth it with this stroller. I was hoping to have it by now but it got delayed shipping out so I'm hoping to have it by Wednesday and I can't wait!

After we got home we headed outside to play. While in the playhouse I found some chalk so I decided to leave a note with chalk on the wall. Not sure why we've never done that before, but I kinda love the idea of writing little notes all over the wall!

Good morning on Saturday! After only an hour in town Roweyn fell asleep on the way home, still rear facing in her car seat! I got her out of her seat and she was still passed out! Normally she wakes up as soon as I unbuckle her.

After she woke up we headed back into the yard where Roweyn found a sled to pull back and forth on the sidewalk. The cutest boatshoes I found for Rowe at Payless of all places! We were eating a red licorice late night snack  which turned into a messy situation for Roweyn. Whoops!

Hopefully I will find some free time this week to get some more posts up since we all know I'm sure behind. :/

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  1. My daughter is not on the weight chart either...all I ever get when someone hears her age is "Oh shes so tiny!" We also live in sacramento area part time during the week! Small world!



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