Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 27

We started off our last week with me throwing a Surprise Baby Shower/Get Together for my best friend on Sunday. I wanted to do something for her before she had two kiddos and went a little MIA for a bit. I've never really thrown any type of party before, besides Roweyns Birthday but even for that I had help from my  mom. This time I didn't but I had lots of help from other wonderful friends who came to celebrate. Trisha hates surprises but we went with it anyways and it wasn't anything so crazy and over the top and she ended up having some suspicions on the drive to the party so it wasn't too much of a shocker for her. (At least I don't think so). We had a fun evening BBQing and just enjoying everyones company with a few gifts and decorations involved. I don't have any photos on my phone but do have some on my camera that maybe at some point will make it onto the blog!

So these photos start on Monday:

After I got home from work we ended up outside of course! And some how that turned into us going for a little dip in the lake fully clothed. Roweyn got soaked after splashing around but only my legs got wet luckily!
On Tuesday I did some major upstairs cleaning, and while doing that, I finally got a chance to hang up some of Roweyn's art work in her room. I had the supplies out still from the party on Sunday and thought it would be the perfect time to get it done! The painting with Roweyn's name on it is a beautiful piece of art that my brothers girlfriend Sierra created for Roweyn. It's not only a painting but so much more. The tree branch and the sky is paint, but the Owl, Bug, and Leaves are paper cut outs with designs on them, then the pink squares are actually wood squares painted and glued on AND the string that is "holding" them up on the branch is actual string! She even wrapped ribbon around the edges of the canvas. I hope to always have it for Roweyn cause it's definitely a keepsake.
Wednesday we went to the fair with my brother, Sierra, my mom and my sister Tayelor. We had lots of fun looking at all the animals and going on a few rides, all the photos are on my camera so hopefully I can get them into a post soon! Later we met up with our favorite friends who drove up from Southern California to spend 5 days with us. It was so good to see them!

Thursday we headed to the river only about 10 minutes from our house with all our friends. Roweyn was pretty grumpy, she didn't get to bed till after 11 on Wednesday night and we headed down to the river right at nap time. So she slept for less than 10 minutes on the way there and then refused to sleep at the river and yet didn't want to swim or play much while we were there! On the way back home she of course fell asleep again, I was lucky enough to get her out of the car and into the big bed in her room where we both ended up napping for an hour or two.
After we got up we got ready and then headed to town for Thursday Night Market. We ate some yummy food, drank some yummy drinks, walked around and then found some local fruits and veggies to take home for our dinner the next night!
Friday after I got home from work I headed outside where everyone was enjoying the beach and the lake. Roweyn was in a happier mood after getting a nice nap in at her normal time. Although she did bump her head when they had been out in the boat, but she seemed to be okay. She played on the trampoline and in the sand, and I even got a little french braid in her hair!

Saturday we spent another entire day at the fair, where again I didn't take any photos on my phone, just on my camera. I will talk all about our day in the post with all the photos.

And Sunday we headed over to a friends house for a bit to see their new house, afterwards we came home, had lunch and Roweyn and I both took a nice nap. When our friends got back we spent the rest of the day/evening outside playing in the water and on the beach. It was a nice way to spend our last day with our friends before they headed back home on Monday. Seeing our friends only once a year for such a short time is not enough! But I am excited to hopefully be heading down to their place next summer since Southern California is one of my favorite places to be since it's got the beach and it's always warm and of course has our favorite friends there!

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