Sunday, August 21, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 28

What's that you say? I'm actually on time with a post for the first time in months?! I know I can hardly believe it myself!! 

Our friends left early Monday morning and for some reason our Monday was dead at the salon so I had the chance to get my own hair done! Well after I cut one clients hair. I decided it was time for a change so bye bye went the all over blonde; then Ombre and I met for the first time. I love it, it ended up a bit darker than what I was wanting so we are going to add more blonde on my upper layers whenever we get a chance. 
After many hours at the salon I ran home, changed into my swimsuit and then drove down to the river to meet up with my parents, sister and of course Roweyn for a little while. There was a mom there with her kids, she had a super pretty 2 year old boy, he had long hair that was in a bun so from behind we thought he was a girl and he had no clothes on. Even from the side, his face was so pretty he totally could have passed as a girl until he turned all the way around and we saw his little wee wee. haha 
But anyways this Mom was there with all NINE of her kids, by herself! And they were all so well behaved, the ages ranging from two being the youngest up to 16 being the oldest. And she HOMESCHOOLS all of them!! Totally crazy, I don't know how she could do that.

Tuesday after I got home from work we headed over to the park to go to the beach. We spent the evening there with some friends, snacking on food and playing in the sand and water. Roweyn had a lot of fun playing on all the floats on the grass and lounging on them. After we got home, I noticed Roweyn had some sort of little red rash on her legs, not sure what it was from and it didn't seem to bother but I threw her in the bath anyways just incase something was irritating her skin. It looked a little better after the bath and by the next day it seemed to have pretty much disappeared.

Wednesday we spent the day by ourselves recovering from all the busy activities we had done for the past week. So after breakfast we played with some playdough, one of her favorite new things to do! She's pretty good about not sticking it in her mouth although sometimes I do catch her licking it. haha

After we were done with the playdough we did some laundry and spent some time playing together. She climbed on the pillows behind my head and played with my hair, being a silly monkey. After lots of playing and some more chores, Roweyn went down for a nap while I did a little blogging and cleaning. 
When she woke up I fed her some lunch and while she was eating, her new Bumbleride Indie Stroller arrived on our doorstep! We were super excited as we had been waiting for about a week and a half for it to arrive! I put it together with no problem while Roweyn finished her lunch and then we tested it out in the house as soon as she was done! I think she likes her new ride almost as much as I do!
I haven't gone anywhere to even be able to put it to the test, but have been playing with it inside the house and am pretty sure I am in love!

Thursday was another day off where we spent a good chunk of the day outside. We played with chalk and made Roweyn a crown. We jumped on the trampoline with Auntie Tayelor and even Cyder joined us on it! Then we spent some time on the back deck when my dad/Roweyn's Papa called and Roweyn spent probably 15 minutes chatting with him on the phone. It was such a sweet moment. Every time we told her to say "bye bye to Papa", she would say "Nooo" and turn around so we couldn't take the phone from her.
I love how much Roweyn adores my dad. It took some time for her to warm up to him the first few months after she was born since he's only home every other weekend. But for the past couple weeks when he is gone, Roweyn walks around every day looking for him and when she hears a noise she points towards it and asks "Papa?" hoping the noise is him. It's the sweetest thing. I'm so glad Roweyn can have a close relationship with her Grandparents.

#flashbackfriday Me Summer 2007, gosh that feels like FOREVER ago! That was a fun weekend full of memories and firsts that I won't forget.

Friday night Roweyn kept waking up over and over and finally I decided to put her in bed with me after midnight. I also decided that it was time to night wean her because I feel like she just wants to nurse all night long and it's really interrupting our sleep. So I started that night, I don't think we fully fell asleep until around 2am, she kept waking up and fussing and having some fits since I wouldn't let her nurse or put her hand in my shirt which she likes to do for comfort. After 2am she fussed a couple more times off and on and then later that morning when it was light out I let her nurse.

Saturday we played with more playdough which as you can tell I had a little fun with! Mommy Loves Roweyn.
After her nap we played outside in her pool. That's the face Roweyn gives me every time I tell her to say "cheese".

Roweyn was being so funny with this towel, first she was dragging it around everywhere with her. Then she saw the cat laying down on the brick wall so she laid her towel out in front of it and laid down on it. Then the cat got up so she picked up her towel, sat down on the step with the cat and wrapped her towel around her. Got such a sweet photo too! After that it was back down to the beach with the towel where Nana wrapped it around her and she became a swaddled toddler!

Saturday night I was determined to keep trying with the night weaning so it was really our first real night of it. So she nursed around 9pm, I told her that Roweyn, Mommy and Milk were all going nigh nights and she could have Milk in the morning when it was light out and after we had slept through the night, I told her this a few times before she fell asleep. Then I put her in her crib sometime after that and she slept there with no interruptions until 2am. At 2 I pulled her into bed with me, I told her we needed to go back to sleep and she could have Milk when it was light out. She fussed a little bit a few different times between 2 and 6 but it was better than the night before and I nursed her at 6 and then again when we woke up around 8:30. 

I was reading some articles online that said to do 7 hour stretches between nursing at night and we ended up going longer than that last night because we were able to but my goal is to go at least 7 hours and we did so I know we are on the right path with a good start!

Today we got up, had breakfast and then got ready to head out to meet up with some people who wanted to buy Roweyn's Infant Carseat and Stroller I was selling on craigslist. I was a little nervous as I've never sold or bought anything on craigslist before and not only that, we had to drive almost 30 minutes to a meeting place as they aren't locals to our area. The meet up went well, they were happy with everything and I made some money! I'm glad I was able to sell it and so happy to not have to worry about it taking up space in the garage anymore! I'm thinking I might have to put a few other things on craigslist soon!

We got home fixed up some lunch and I put the kiddo down for a nap. Now she's up and we are getting ready to head outside!

We have a pretty busy week coming up. I start work over at the diaper store again, two days a week on top of my 2 to 3 days at the salon and we have some company coming for the day on Wednesday so posting will most likely not happen unless I have time to schedule something but in case I don't get to it.....

Have a great week!

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