Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Monday: Week Seventeen

Today we have a video from when Roweyn was almost 12.5 months. It was taken the night of her 1st Birthday party after everyone had left. It's a super cute video of her having a blast with all the balloons from her party. Take a look!

I wanted to do a couple more videos today but didn't have the time to upload all of them, so I hope you enjoy just this one today! Stay tuned for next weeks cause they are super cute! Happy Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful week!

P. S. If you're new, be sure to check out all our other Movie Monday Videos, just look over at our Tags or Archives and you will be sure to find them all! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 14 Months Roweyn! (A Month Behind)

My darling girl,

You are getting so big! Turning more and more into a toddler every day! You are so smart, and every time I turn around you show me something new. You watch everything we do so closely and the next thing I know you are mimicking us, whether it be words, or actions you do it!

Everything is so fun to you. You love climbing up the stairs and back down! Your best friend, hands down is Cyder. You play with her more than you play with any of us and sometimes we think that you think you are a dog too. You throw the ball for her and play tug a war with her. You want to play with her so much that sometimes you get your hand too close to Cyder's mouth when she is chewing on her ball and you get nipped. I scoop you up in my arms and you snuggle with me, but you only cry for a second and then you jump right off my lap and go straight back over to play with Cyder again. 

You are becoming such a great little listener and helper! You help me put stuff away and even help me with the laundry. You will bring us stuff when we ask you too as well! 

One of your favorite activities right now is to climb up on your chair and stand up. Sometimes after that you even climb up onto your little table and either sit down or stand up on it! I am constantly telling you to sit down on your bum but you think it is way more fun to stand up!

You're starting to get a little more hair! You have a nice little tail going on in the back. It cracks me up! Sometimes I think you are trying to be like your Uncle Trevor and copy his hair style!

Your sleep habits have been a little sporadic, but we're working on them! Some days you love to eat all day long and other days you only want a little snack here and there. You love to feed Cyder snacks whenever you are eating as well. You are so good at sharing everything with her!

I love you so much and am loving watching you grow!


(Roweyn turned 14 months on February 27th so I'm a month late because of all the computer issues I had and being a busy single working Mama. Roweyn actually turned 15 months today and I hope to have another post up soon!)

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.7

So this was a pretty out of the norm week for us because we visited family about 6 hours north of us. We decided last week to do this and had planned on going Thursday through Today and decided it wasn't enough time so we left on Wednesday instead.

Monday my best friend was in town for a very short visit. Roweyn and I were able to go out to his house and spend a couple hours with him and his family. It was great to see him since it had been since Christmas and Roweyn has changed SO much since then! She had a lot of fun with him. She showed him her shoes, had him take them off and put them back on and she shared them with him. She flirted and was very cutesy with him. It was great to see that she remembered him even though it had been a few months.

I put her in her new car seat on Monday for the drive to see how she liked it and she was not very fond of it. She was afraid to sleep in it and was insistent on holding my hand while I was trying to drive. After a few attempts of her falling asleep and me moving my hand, she finally was asleep enough that I could let go, but by then we were almost to my friends house so sadly it ended up being a pretty short nap.

When I tried to put her in her car seat when we left she was really unhappy and cried. As soon as I got her in and buckled her up though she calmed down and fell asleep during the drive. This time though her head kept falling forward and when I tried to pull it back she would get upset but she finally stayed that way.

We got our TOMs Shoes in the mail that I wrote about last week. They are SO cute! Check the photo below of Roweyn's.

On Tuesday we spent the morning at home, finishing up our packing and then I went off to cut a friends hair at the salon in the afternoon.

Tuesday night was really rough trying to get her to sleep. She did not want to be put in her crib. After many episodes of crying, she finally fell asleep....standing up!! Seriously! I even got a picture of it! (See below) After that I laid her down and then she fussed for another 30 minutes, so by the time I got in bed it was 1am.

Wednesday we woke up a little before 8 to leave for our trip. The drive went really well. Roweyn took 2 naps and we only had to stop once for her. We stopped a few other times but she was either sleeping or didn't need to get out of the car. It was a great drive! We visited my Grandma for a bit after we got into town and then called it a night over at my Aunts house a little while later.  

Thursday I drove Roweyn and Tayelor over to meet my Dad and his brothers and other family members for pizza. This is the first time I have ever driven in Eureka, even though I have been visiting for 22 years. So crazy, but I never needed to drive till now. Then we went over to Costco for a bit and after that we headed back to my Aunts for the night.

We watched the American Idol results and when they saved the guy, Roweyn was watching and next thing we know, she's acting just like him. Running back and forth, putting her hands on her face and talking. It was so funny. She is really good at mimicking! Such a great thing but also probably means I better watch what I say and do!

Friday we relaxed. I did a little cloth diaper laundry. Yes when we travel we still use cloth diapers! For the first time we used our GroVia Hybrid Shell with their GroVia BioSoakers and they worked great! We only used the BioSoakers while we were driving so that we didn't have to worry about having a bunch of dirty cloth diapers in the car. So the BioSoakers were a great alternative, since the insert is disposable but they are compostable and flushable and so much more! Be sure to check them out! We have been using the Shells for a while now with their GroVia Organic Cotton Soaker Pads which I fell in love with after first use! They have definitely been put at the top of my list for favorite cloth diapers!

Friday night we went over to my Italian Grandma's house for a big Italian dinner with almost the whole family which was probably close to 30 people and that's not even all of us!

Saturday Roweyn and I got to go see our friends who also live in the area. They have a 5 year old and a newly turned 1 year old, both boys! We didn't get to see them last time we were up there in October, so May was the last time we got together. The kids were only 4 and 3mo and Roweyn was almost 5mo. It was really fun to see how much they had changed and grown! And they had lots of fun playing together!

Then Saturday night we had Chinese food with the other side of the family but most of the kids on my Moms side of the family are either in college or not living in the area so it was just a small amount of us. I was able to cut my Grandma's hair as well!

That's about the extent of our trip! We made it home safe and sound! We only had to stop once again for Roweyn but made a few other stops for the others. It feels great to be home and Roweyn was very happy as well! She went up to her toys and said hi to them. She grabbed her Baby Stella doll, gave her a hug and kiss and rocked her. It was darling!

Here is our week in photos, almost all of them were taken with my IPhone and then I used the Instagram app to change the look of them, I also used the Diptic app to make collages. Oh and if you have the Instagram app, feel free to follow me!


 Rainy Days

 Tiny TOMs Shoes

 Uhh really?!

 Bedtime in my favorite Cub Scouts Shirt

 Best Friends = Cuddle Buddies

Literally sleeping standing up!

First nap on our road trip

Grandma/Great Grandma Mama Jeanne's Gardens

Silly Girl

Loving the sound a glass bowl and metal spoon makes!

Lunch time!

Hot stuff in her sweet shades!

Taking a ride with Great Grandma Mama Jeanne at Target!

New book I started reading while Rowe was passed out in her car seat

Always a happy girl!

Cyder tuckered out after a busy day!
(No filter)

Cain and Roweyn
(Who we visited on Saturday)

If you are new to our blog, welcome and thanks for joining! I hope you enjoy reading about all of our adventures! Come back tomorrow for Movie Monday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Got Featured!

Today we are being Featured on Real Mom Reviews, My Life in Jenga, Adventures of the Bauers and Chubby Cheeks Thinks for their Swingin' By Sunday Blog hop! Be sure to check them all out and join in on their hop! Thank you all for featuring us! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Monday | Finally Back! Week Sixteen

It has been quite awhile since I have done Movie Monday. It stopped for awhile because of the whole computer situation but now that I'm getting caught up with everything, I can finally bring it back! I was hoping back in January that I would be all caught up on videos and would be able to play the most recent videos, but since a little time has passed, we have to play catch up again!

I have a ton of videos from December but they are all about Christmas with a few Birthday videos in there as well. So I'll start in January with two videos, almost a week after Roweyn's First Birthday when she was almost fully walking. It's so cute to see her toddling around taking teeny tiny baby steps. Now she's running and I have to chase her everywhere!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.6

We had a bit of a rough start this week with the time change and all. It really affected Roweyn. 

The first three days she skipped her afternoon nap for some odd reason. On the first night I tried to get her down at 8 since she was so tired. She would not let me put her down in her crib asleep or awake without freaking out. I let her cry a few times for about 15mins each but it did no good. I did this for two hours and then she decided that she didn't want to sleep at all and that it was just going to be the latest nap ever. So she ended up being up for an hour and then I was able to put her in her crib at 11 after she passed out.

On Monday, again she refused to take a second nap. I was dreading trying to get her to sleep because I knew it would be another battle. Around 8:30 she fell asleep in my arms, I tried to put her down and she woke up, so I let her cry for about 20 mins. It was enough, I took her out and she fell asleep in my arms again. I put her back in her crib and she woke up again. I let her cry again, thinking I'd try 20 mins and then pushed it back because she seemed to be settling down a few times, 25 mins went by and she was still stopping and starting back up and then it went quiet. I waited about 10 more mins before I went to check on her and she was sound asleep. I found her like this:

Tuesday, she took a very short evening nap for her second nap. I didn't want her to sleep too long because I didn't want her to go to bed too late. She ended up going to bed later than I had hoped because my brother Trevor and his girlfriend Sierra were coming for a visit and got here later than I thought they would be. Around 9 she fell asleep in my arms, I put her down and she woke up, I let her cry for around 20-30 mins but she was still up so I decided that was enough. She fell back to sleep in my arms and when I put her down she stayed asleep.

The rest of the week has been a little better but we're working on it!

Now for all the fun stuff she's been doing!

Last week I talked about how she shows us her belly button when we ask her. Well this week, she is showing us where her hair is. She will also show us her feet/socks/shoes.

My brother Trevor's girlfriend Sierra surprised us with the most darling painting that she created for Roweyn. It's so cute! Pictures to follow below!

We went shopping on Wednesday (since I didn't have to work) and Roweyn was so great. I'm so lucky to have such a good girl. I didn't buy much for her (surprisingly), just a couple things for when she's a little bigger, a bath bomb from Lush to try out and then of course a pair of TOMS shoes (that I already talked about) when we got back home.

Thursday we spent a much needed day at home. We were both exhausted and had lots of cleaning and catching up to do. Her car seat came! So excited for her to use it!

Friday and Saturday I worked. My Mom dropped her off at the salon on Saturday after I was done working and she hung out while I got my hair done.

Saturday morning my Mom was getting ready to take Cyder out and when Roweyn heard her say that, she raced over to the chair with her sweatshirt on it, grabbed it and tried to put it on. It was so cute. She wanted to go outside so badly but it was too cold.

She's talking up a storm and definitely testing her limits with me. Constantly trying to see what  I will let her get away with. It keeps me very busy!

Thats about it for this week. Kind of a long one...But I'm going to finish it off with some adorable photos from the week!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Snapshot | {Take One}

I thought I would join in on the fun today and link up to Yellow Songbird's Saturday Snapshot. So today I thought we could stroll down memory lane back to a little over a year ago when Roweyn was around 6 weeks old. One of my favorite photos of her that I took when we were doing a little at home photoshoot. 

P.S. If you didn't already notice, I did some major remodeling here and would love feedback. Do you love it? Hate it? See anything that can be different? I'm still making some adjustments but just in case I miss something, I'd love to know!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

TOMS shoes

I have been wanting to get a pair of TOMS for a while now, for a few different reasons. I love the style of them, totally something I would wear on a daily basis. They are amazingly comfortable and the arch support in them doesn't bug me, which is amazing because my feet roll in and anything with a hint of an arch drives me crazy! And last and probably most importantly, for every pair of shoes you buy from them, they give a pair to a child in need! I love this. Unlike other companies who might just give some of the profits to a charity, they actually give a pair of $40 shoes to a child who desperately needs them.

We were at the mall yesterday and I got the chance to try some on at Nordstrom, sadly all the ones I liked, they didn't have my size and they didn't have them online either. I called a local store and they didn't even carry the style that I liked. So when I got home last night I went to TOMS website to take a look and ended up going with a different color than what I had originally chose. Here's what I ended up picking out. These are called Pale Pink Cardones.
They look pink but they are actually more of a light purple according to reviews. I can't wait till I get them!! While browsing the website I came across Tiny TOMS for toddlers. And they are the most adorable shoes ever! I couldn't help myself and I HAD to get a pair for Roweyn. I don't feel guilty about it either because I know that another child will get a pair as well. Here are the darling ones I picked out for her. It was so hard only buying one pair! These are called Ash Paisley Blossom Tiny TOMS.
How stinkin' cute are those?! I can't wait to get them in the mail!! I'm so excited! One thing about TOMS shoes is that they do run big and they stretch, so you normally need to go a 1/2 size to a full size down. I am normally a 7 and they were really loose on me, I tried the 6.5 and still loose. So I went all the way down to a size 6. They feel really tight at first but they stretch pretty fast, so I'm not worried about it. Roweyn normally wears a size 4 in toddlers and I actually decided to stay with the size 4 for her. There weren't any reviews about how they fit on kids, but I am assuming it's the same as adults. I decided to stay with the same size though because even if they are big now, she can wear them later. And what's great about these is they are made out of canvas, so even in summer her feet will still be cool.

TOMS shoes did not ask me or pay me to write about their shoes on my blog, but they are so dang cool that I couldn't help but write about them! The photos I googled, and both ended up coming from TOMS site.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.5

This week seemed to have flown by and I'm having a hard time remembering what all happened. Be sure to check some new photos out at the end!

Roweyn has really gotten into high pitched screaming pretty much whenever she is doing something she thinks is exciting or funny. It's pretty cute but sometimes its so high and loud it hurts my ears!

She has found her belly button and when you ask her where it is she will look down and pull up her shirt to point to it, she will also do it to all of us as well.

Friday of last week, Roweyn said a five word sentence! We were climbing up the stairs together and I said, "Up the stairs we go!" And she repeated me! Of course she didn't pronounce all the words super clear, but I knew exactly what she said and was able to understand it.

She is starting to play more with other babies rather than just by them, she will also have little "conversations" with them too.

She is climbing up on everything! And using anything she can for help to get on the couch or anything else that she can climb on.

Roweyn got weighed on Tuesday and she finally hit 16lbs! Her exact weight was 16lbs .5oz.

Her hair seems to be growing more on top which is very exciting! Not quite a baldy anymore! Yay!

I think she is trying to get her eye/canine whatever you wanna call them teeth. It's the last hole she needs to fill besides those last 4 molars in the very back.

That's about all I can think of so here are some new photos of Roweyn!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Last night I came home to my mom cleaning out an old dollhouse of my sisters that is in perfect condition for Roweyn to play with. She has been playing with it non stop and it's the cutest thing ever! She's also really into playing with this red purse and loves to wear it on her shoulder. I couldn't help but snap some photos this morning.


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