Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 14 Months Roweyn! (A Month Behind)

My darling girl,

You are getting so big! Turning more and more into a toddler every day! You are so smart, and every time I turn around you show me something new. You watch everything we do so closely and the next thing I know you are mimicking us, whether it be words, or actions you do it!

Everything is so fun to you. You love climbing up the stairs and back down! Your best friend, hands down is Cyder. You play with her more than you play with any of us and sometimes we think that you think you are a dog too. You throw the ball for her and play tug a war with her. You want to play with her so much that sometimes you get your hand too close to Cyder's mouth when she is chewing on her ball and you get nipped. I scoop you up in my arms and you snuggle with me, but you only cry for a second and then you jump right off my lap and go straight back over to play with Cyder again. 

You are becoming such a great little listener and helper! You help me put stuff away and even help me with the laundry. You will bring us stuff when we ask you too as well! 

One of your favorite activities right now is to climb up on your chair and stand up. Sometimes after that you even climb up onto your little table and either sit down or stand up on it! I am constantly telling you to sit down on your bum but you think it is way more fun to stand up!

You're starting to get a little more hair! You have a nice little tail going on in the back. It cracks me up! Sometimes I think you are trying to be like your Uncle Trevor and copy his hair style!

Your sleep habits have been a little sporadic, but we're working on them! Some days you love to eat all day long and other days you only want a little snack here and there. You love to feed Cyder snacks whenever you are eating as well. You are so good at sharing everything with her!

I love you so much and am loving watching you grow!


(Roweyn turned 14 months on February 27th so I'm a month late because of all the computer issues I had and being a busy single working Mama. Roweyn actually turned 15 months today and I hope to have another post up soon!)

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