Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.6

We had a bit of a rough start this week with the time change and all. It really affected Roweyn. 

The first three days she skipped her afternoon nap for some odd reason. On the first night I tried to get her down at 8 since she was so tired. She would not let me put her down in her crib asleep or awake without freaking out. I let her cry a few times for about 15mins each but it did no good. I did this for two hours and then she decided that she didn't want to sleep at all and that it was just going to be the latest nap ever. So she ended up being up for an hour and then I was able to put her in her crib at 11 after she passed out.

On Monday, again she refused to take a second nap. I was dreading trying to get her to sleep because I knew it would be another battle. Around 8:30 she fell asleep in my arms, I tried to put her down and she woke up, so I let her cry for about 20 mins. It was enough, I took her out and she fell asleep in my arms again. I put her back in her crib and she woke up again. I let her cry again, thinking I'd try 20 mins and then pushed it back because she seemed to be settling down a few times, 25 mins went by and she was still stopping and starting back up and then it went quiet. I waited about 10 more mins before I went to check on her and she was sound asleep. I found her like this:

Tuesday, she took a very short evening nap for her second nap. I didn't want her to sleep too long because I didn't want her to go to bed too late. She ended up going to bed later than I had hoped because my brother Trevor and his girlfriend Sierra were coming for a visit and got here later than I thought they would be. Around 9 she fell asleep in my arms, I put her down and she woke up, I let her cry for around 20-30 mins but she was still up so I decided that was enough. She fell back to sleep in my arms and when I put her down she stayed asleep.

The rest of the week has been a little better but we're working on it!

Now for all the fun stuff she's been doing!

Last week I talked about how she shows us her belly button when we ask her. Well this week, she is showing us where her hair is. She will also show us her feet/socks/shoes.

My brother Trevor's girlfriend Sierra surprised us with the most darling painting that she created for Roweyn. It's so cute! Pictures to follow below!

We went shopping on Wednesday (since I didn't have to work) and Roweyn was so great. I'm so lucky to have such a good girl. I didn't buy much for her (surprisingly), just a couple things for when she's a little bigger, a bath bomb from Lush to try out and then of course a pair of TOMS shoes (that I already talked about) when we got back home.

Thursday we spent a much needed day at home. We were both exhausted and had lots of cleaning and catching up to do. Her car seat came! So excited for her to use it!

Friday and Saturday I worked. My Mom dropped her off at the salon on Saturday after I was done working and she hung out while I got my hair done.

Saturday morning my Mom was getting ready to take Cyder out and when Roweyn heard her say that, she raced over to the chair with her sweatshirt on it, grabbed it and tried to put it on. It was so cute. She wanted to go outside so badly but it was too cold.

She's talking up a storm and definitely testing her limits with me. Constantly trying to see what  I will let her get away with. It keeps me very busy!

Thats about it for this week. Kind of a long one...But I'm going to finish it off with some adorable photos from the week!

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