Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Trip to the Sac Zoo

Memorial Day weekend we decided to take a trip down the the Sacramento Zoo. 
We bought some discount tickets to use any time during the Summer which got us a nice little deal for the whole fam to go.

Rowe ready to go check out the animals

Hanging with the Giraffes

Roweyn acting like an Orangutan while posing with one

Riding a Giraffe on the Carousel while Auntie Tayelor photobombs the picture

Pretending to hold a baby Flamingo 

The Sac Zoo is nice because it's not too big so you can cover the whole zoo within about 3 hours. 
The only downside is the animals seem to ALWAYS be sleeping! 
I think next time we decide to head down that way, we will be checking out Fairytale Town which is basically just a big adventure play park for kids.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Mommy & Rowey Trip to Reno

Last week, Roweyn and I took a little 2.5 day trip up to Reno to visit my brother Trevor and his girlfriend Sierra. We haven't taken a trip up with just the two of us in almost 2 years so it was well over due!

We spent our first afternoon with Trevor, taking a (very windy) walk outside of downtown for a late lunch to a little restaurant, I hadn't been to in about 4 years. They just recently moved down the street into a bigger location. I was relieved to see that since we had Roweyn & her stroller which never would have even fit into their old location, which was tiny. We shared a delicious giant sandwich & each had a bowl of soup.

After lunch we headed back to his house and shortly after that, Sierra was getting home from work. We spent the late afternoon just hanging out, Trev started preparations for a delicious dinner which we had later in the evening after I was able to get Roweyn down sleep. Sierra's friend who I had met from our trip to Napa, joined us too. It was fun seeing her again 3 months later! We all stayed up for a while drinking wine and chatting which was a really nice change for me as it's something I never do these days. When I put Roweyn down to sleep, I either go to bed too or relax for a bit by reading or watching a show. It was nice to feel like an adult who has time to do stuff outside of just being a parent.

The following morning we spent at the house, having a nice breakfast, preparing for the day. Then Trev was off to a work meeting & I put Rowe down for an early nap since she decided to wake up at 6 in the morning after going to bed at 10pm! She never gets up that early and after a late night myself, I was not too keen on it!

After Rowe woke up from her nap,  and Trev got back from his meeting, we headed over to have lunch with Sierra on her break. Rowe was being super fussy during lunch but I just figured she was just tired and off her schedule. After lunch we stopped back at the house, grabbed the dogs and headed out for another walk. We went to a little farmers market & there was an ice cream truck so we got some ice cream for Rowe. Then we headed over to this little local coffee shop with an outdoor patio.

Rowe seemed to be in better spirits while we hung out on the patio. She played with the dogs while Trevor and I drank delicious cold brewed iced coffee.

Sitting with her Uncle Trevor while holding Cherokee while he holds Annika.

We walked back home to Trevor's and Roweyn started being really fussy again, I noticed she felt unusually warm & her eyes were looking really glossy. They didn't have thermometer to be able to check Roweyn's temperature but I could tell she had some sort of fever. Trevor was kind enough to hop on his bike, ride to the store and pick up some Tylenol. It took a while for the Tylenol to kick in but eventually she started feeling better.

Unfortunately we missed out on going to the Aces Baseball game that night but I wasn't going to take Roweyn out again when she really wasn't feeling well. So we spent another relaxing night in with a late dinner and a late night of drinking wine.

We woke up the next morning and packed everything up and hung out for a bit with Trevor before making our way back home.

We made it home and were able to relax for a bit and then we were able to head over to Roweyn's Preschool for an end of the year Ice Cream Party.

It was a great little trip even though Rowe didn't feel well for part of it.

Hoping we can do it again soon!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Roweyn's Last Day of Preschool

So Friday was Roweyn's last day of Preschool. Totally bittersweet! We've had such a fun time the past 8 months, we're sad to take a break for the Summer. It seemed like all the kids were finally getting so comfortable with each other, playing well together and then school is over just like that. 

The two photos on the left are Roweyn on her last day at almost 2.5 years old and the one on the right is of her on her first day at 20 months. She has changed so much! On her first day she still has so much baby in her and look how little hair she has! She has most definitely changed from baby to kid in the past 8 months. Still hard for me to believe!

Here is Roweyn's very first school picture! How cute is she?
I got this a couple weeks ago but haven't had a chance to post it yet, so I figured I would wait till now. 
This photo was taken back in March and even in two months I can see she has changed a lot!

After school, we got our boat in the water and took it out for a ride.

Roweyn wanted to play in the boat all day, pretending to drive. Then once we went out, she sat in Papa's lap and drove the boat with him. 
She loved it.

One of my favorite memories as a child was always being in our boat. I'm excited to be able to share that memory with Roweyn and hope it will be one of her favorite memories when she's older!

Lounging in the tube. I have a feeling this year we will be pulling her behind the boat in the tube and she will love it!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 66

Waiting patiently and having girl talks on the trampoline.

Best Friend play date that included naked water time.
Also? Roweyn wearing Kashmir's baby sisters 12-18 mo swim suit.
Pretending to be twins, yet these girls could not be more different!

I had to post all these photos of the girls since they are making different faces in each of them!

Love Roweyn's little smirk!
The next day we had an appointment & Roweyn also got weighed & measured!
On a standing scale, half naked, she was just about 22lbs and measuring her height standing up she is just about 34 1/4.
After that we headed over the park to play for a bit but the weather was a little cooler than we were expecting so we didn't stay long.

The next day was Rowe's last day of school, so we headed home after the park to relax and make a card for Rowe's teacher.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

On the Friday before Mom's Day, Roweyn's Preschool celebrated Mother's day with all the kids Mamas.

The kids gave all the Mom's a cute little Parsley plant that they planted in a pot they decorated with little fingerprints turned into bugs.

Then we had a Mother's day brunch. All the kids brought in a piece of fruit that they got to cut with special cutter for a fruit salad. 
It was fun seeing all the kids participate in making the brunch for us.

On Saturday, Roweyn got me an early Mother's Day present before we headed to Reno for the rest of the weekend.

My brother and his girlfriend made us a special Mother's Day brunch on Sunday for my Mom, myself and my sister in law. 
It was great, like all his food always is!

After brunch we went mini golfing. It was Roweyn's first time going and she loved it. 
She was actually pretty good too! We went right at nap time but she did great the entire time even though she was tired.

While we were golfing, a Mama duck with her TWELVE ducklings go waddling across the course and into the pond. 
I even got to help one climb over the rock into the water. 
Roweyn and my niece thought that was so fun to see them and Roweyn wanted to follow them around the rest of the time!

Rowe with a golf club just her size!

After mini golfing we got some frozen yogurt before saying goodbye to our fam and getting ready to head back home.

It was such an easy going day with no big plans. Everyone had fun and it was really nice to be able to spend it with the entire family.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 65

Roweyn spotted this horsie hanging out on our side yard, so her Nana got it out one day, cleaned it up and Roweyn is loving playing on it! She even figured out how to get the music working on it. Then she found her phone in her playhouse and had a nice chat on it. That used to be my play phone when I was a kiddo.

This is probably one of the funniest faces my kiddo has made. It just makes me smile & laugh every time I look at it. Climbing up the tunnel in her playground. Don't her feet look huge? They're only a size 5 in tots and actually a little smaller than most kids her age.

Static hair from rolling and rolling and rolling all over the trampoline which she thought was pretty great! And switching roles...she's playing "Mummy" on the chair while I play "Rowey" in her playground.

Bubble Blower. And sitting on a tiny tiger while saying "baby Cyder" (our dog who isn't a baby) and "woohoo!"

She said "Mummy, yook at the twees moving, it's da dinos"

Monday, May 7, 2012

Roweyn's Preschool Celebrates 50 Years

Roweyn's Preschool celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Saturday! 
I must admit it's pretty neat that Roweyn's first year there happened to be the year they turned 50 years old.

We bought tickets to play games. Roweyn loved playing the frog game where she threw flies into its mouth. 
She never missed, even when she wasn't looking!

She played a car racing game which she thought was pretty cool too!

Then we bought a stepping stone where both Roweyn & my sister who also went to preschool there, 
put their handprints & names in it and decorated it.

Once they're dry, they are going to be making a little patio at the preschool with all the stepping stones.

The finished product before drying. Pretty cute right?

After we finished the stepping stone, Roweyn got her face painted for the very first time! 
She sat so still and was so excited to see it when it was done.
She got a purple balloon that she picked out herself.

It was a very fun day with lots of game playing, seeing friends and celebrating a very exciting day for her preschool.

After we got home, we put together Roweyn's new playground that we bought that morning at a garage sale. 
The thing is huge! 2 slides and and 2 separate play areas that connect with a tunnel! Roweyn is loving playing with it!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 64

"See Mommy? I cleaned all the yogurt off my hand with my tongue!" "Mommy, da Moooon! Mommy, Mooommmy!"

Salon Receptionist for the day = haircut and straight hair! Roweyn's first time at the library! She loved it! She found that chair and a book & when I asked her to show me the book, she hid it and gave me this face. Silly girl!

Lately, I feel like this girl is changing so much! In a good way of course. I just can't get enough of her! And holy sweetness! I'm head over heels in love with this photo of her, getting ready to leave for Preschool. She looks like a little teenager here and even though she's already growing up too fast, I just can't help but love how she looks.

Riding bikes at Preschool. Home from Preschool and driving Papa's car!


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