Monday, May 7, 2012

Roweyn's Preschool Celebrates 50 Years

Roweyn's Preschool celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Saturday! 
I must admit it's pretty neat that Roweyn's first year there happened to be the year they turned 50 years old.

We bought tickets to play games. Roweyn loved playing the frog game where she threw flies into its mouth. 
She never missed, even when she wasn't looking!

She played a car racing game which she thought was pretty cool too!

Then we bought a stepping stone where both Roweyn & my sister who also went to preschool there, 
put their handprints & names in it and decorated it.

Once they're dry, they are going to be making a little patio at the preschool with all the stepping stones.

The finished product before drying. Pretty cute right?

After we finished the stepping stone, Roweyn got her face painted for the very first time! 
She sat so still and was so excited to see it when it was done.
She got a purple balloon that she picked out herself.

It was a very fun day with lots of game playing, seeing friends and celebrating a very exciting day for her preschool.

After we got home, we put together Roweyn's new playground that we bought that morning at a garage sale. 
The thing is huge! 2 slides and and 2 separate play areas that connect with a tunnel! Roweyn is loving playing with it!

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