Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

On the Friday before Mom's Day, Roweyn's Preschool celebrated Mother's day with all the kids Mamas.

The kids gave all the Mom's a cute little Parsley plant that they planted in a pot they decorated with little fingerprints turned into bugs.

Then we had a Mother's day brunch. All the kids brought in a piece of fruit that they got to cut with special cutter for a fruit salad. 
It was fun seeing all the kids participate in making the brunch for us.

On Saturday, Roweyn got me an early Mother's Day present before we headed to Reno for the rest of the weekend.

My brother and his girlfriend made us a special Mother's Day brunch on Sunday for my Mom, myself and my sister in law. 
It was great, like all his food always is!

After brunch we went mini golfing. It was Roweyn's first time going and she loved it. 
She was actually pretty good too! We went right at nap time but she did great the entire time even though she was tired.

While we were golfing, a Mama duck with her TWELVE ducklings go waddling across the course and into the pond. 
I even got to help one climb over the rock into the water. 
Roweyn and my niece thought that was so fun to see them and Roweyn wanted to follow them around the rest of the time!

Rowe with a golf club just her size!

After mini golfing we got some frozen yogurt before saying goodbye to our fam and getting ready to head back home.

It was such an easy going day with no big plans. Everyone had fun and it was really nice to be able to spend it with the entire family.

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