Monday, May 28, 2012

A Mommy & Rowey Trip to Reno

Last week, Roweyn and I took a little 2.5 day trip up to Reno to visit my brother Trevor and his girlfriend Sierra. We haven't taken a trip up with just the two of us in almost 2 years so it was well over due!

We spent our first afternoon with Trevor, taking a (very windy) walk outside of downtown for a late lunch to a little restaurant, I hadn't been to in about 4 years. They just recently moved down the street into a bigger location. I was relieved to see that since we had Roweyn & her stroller which never would have even fit into their old location, which was tiny. We shared a delicious giant sandwich & each had a bowl of soup.

After lunch we headed back to his house and shortly after that, Sierra was getting home from work. We spent the late afternoon just hanging out, Trev started preparations for a delicious dinner which we had later in the evening after I was able to get Roweyn down sleep. Sierra's friend who I had met from our trip to Napa, joined us too. It was fun seeing her again 3 months later! We all stayed up for a while drinking wine and chatting which was a really nice change for me as it's something I never do these days. When I put Roweyn down to sleep, I either go to bed too or relax for a bit by reading or watching a show. It was nice to feel like an adult who has time to do stuff outside of just being a parent.

The following morning we spent at the house, having a nice breakfast, preparing for the day. Then Trev was off to a work meeting & I put Rowe down for an early nap since she decided to wake up at 6 in the morning after going to bed at 10pm! She never gets up that early and after a late night myself, I was not too keen on it!

After Rowe woke up from her nap,  and Trev got back from his meeting, we headed over to have lunch with Sierra on her break. Rowe was being super fussy during lunch but I just figured she was just tired and off her schedule. After lunch we stopped back at the house, grabbed the dogs and headed out for another walk. We went to a little farmers market & there was an ice cream truck so we got some ice cream for Rowe. Then we headed over to this little local coffee shop with an outdoor patio.

Rowe seemed to be in better spirits while we hung out on the patio. She played with the dogs while Trevor and I drank delicious cold brewed iced coffee.

Sitting with her Uncle Trevor while holding Cherokee while he holds Annika.

We walked back home to Trevor's and Roweyn started being really fussy again, I noticed she felt unusually warm & her eyes were looking really glossy. They didn't have thermometer to be able to check Roweyn's temperature but I could tell she had some sort of fever. Trevor was kind enough to hop on his bike, ride to the store and pick up some Tylenol. It took a while for the Tylenol to kick in but eventually she started feeling better.

Unfortunately we missed out on going to the Aces Baseball game that night but I wasn't going to take Roweyn out again when she really wasn't feeling well. So we spent another relaxing night in with a late dinner and a late night of drinking wine.

We woke up the next morning and packed everything up and hung out for a bit with Trevor before making our way back home.

We made it home and were able to relax for a bit and then we were able to head over to Roweyn's Preschool for an end of the year Ice Cream Party.

It was a great little trip even though Rowe didn't feel well for part of it.

Hoping we can do it again soon!

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