Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Some Cute Photos of My Kiddo

Back in October we went to an annual fundraiser for my sisters school and the theme is always "Hoe Down". There are games and food, and later they all dance and have a fun time. Roweyn loved it and there are some pretty funny photos of her that I just had to share.

 Look Ma' only one hand!

 Love how cute she is!
Top: Gymboree
Skirt: Old Navy
Socks & Boots: Target

Mom this dancing stuff is so fun!
Sweater: Carters

Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

I've been a little absent on here from being so busy with Christmas, Roweyn's Birthday and lots of sickness in the house. We're finally all feeling better, now just trying to recover from the madness of everything. There are lots of new toys all over the house, which I have been working hard on organizing while Roweyn is having a blast un-organizing them. ;)

Tuesday the 27th was her 2nd Birthday! We had a wonderful day with lots of photos taken! Hopefully to be posted soon, along with a letter from me to her. As well as all the photos from Christmas!

Until then, here are some photos of what we haven been up to!

 Painting Ornaments

All the ornaments we made

SO very excited about her new kitchen!

Us on Christmas!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas iPhone Photos

So I got a post up about our Christmas but since I took photos on my iPhone as well, I thought I'd break it down into two different posts. So in case you missed the first Christmas post, check it out HERE!

Now here are all the photos from Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas from my iPhone!

Christmas Eve Lunch and Snuggles!

Ornament Painting and the finished products on Christmas Eve!

 All the presents out, ready for Christmas Morning and Opening up her Christmas Eve Pajamas (that she refused to wear!)

Christmas Morning! "Mama is this for me?" Rowe asks and tuckered out at nap time after so much fun opening some of her presents!

Baking cupcakes in her new kitchen, notice she is using the pot holder to carry the tray! And doing some skateboarding on her Uncles new Longboard under the tree!

Helping Nana and Papa walk the dogs the day after Christmas and looking so stylish while doing it!

Reading one of her new books from Christmas and Snuggling up on her last night of being a 1 year old because tomorrow is her Birthday and she will be TWO!!

Christmas 2011

We started off our week leading up to Christmas with the Stomach Flu. Roweyn had it every other day the entire week and the rest of us except for my sister all got it on Wednesday. After we were over it, we basically didn't have an appetite for days, especially Roweyn, it took her about 2 weeks to get hers back, so being excited for Christmas food just wasn't the same when we still felt a little nauseous.

We had a wonderful quiet Christmas with our family though and Roweyn was SO into it! It was pretty much the cutest thing ever! She loved grabbing the presents under the tree and handing them out to everyone and then helping everyone open them. This was definitely my favorite part about Christmas.

Here are our photos!

So excited about her new Kitchen that Mama got her!

Saying "It's Papa" 
He's the only one on the phone ever, according to her.

Stocking goodies!

Opening a pressie with Mama.

Her new bed aka my new Sheepskin Seat covers for my car.

Big girl opening her presents all by herself

Got Nana a cover for her new iPhone

Future Skateboarder, hanging out on her Uncles new Longboard

SO excited about her new Unicorn Purse from her Great Aunt

Us together Christmas night

Heading out for drinks with my brother & his girlfriend
My first time out w/out Roweyn in over a year.

Opening more presents the day AFTER Christmas because there were so many!

So excited about her pantry set 

Super excited to open her big present from her Uncle and Auntie

More photos to come from Christmas eve - After Christmas from my iPhone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 46

Well this week was definitely calmer than last but not in a good way. Rowe got sick with the stomach flu on Sunday and has had it every other day this week and sadly myself and half my family has come down with it as well. Hoping that we will be better in time for Christmas! I didn't take many photos AT ALL since we haven't been feeling well. Here's the few photos that I did take though.

A late Birthday and early Christmas present to myself!

Roweyn being absolutely darling checking out her piggy tails in the mirror

My favorite snuggles at bed time

Since it's almost Christmas I thought I'd wish you an early Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday with family and friends!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 45

This week is full of lots of photos as we did a lot of fun stuff from crafting to snuggles, play date ornament making, a not so fun trip to the Drs and a new kitchen! Take a look!

A test run of our DIY Photo Coasters using Instagram Photos, Homemade Modge Podge and tile coasters. Having a yummy breakfast!

The final result from the test run turned out great! Passed out after going over to her Best Friends for Birthday Dinner and a little party. Where she also got a bit of a boo boo from another toddler there.

Doing major work in order to get all the coasters done so they could be wrapped up and sent! And exhausted after a very fun day of making ornaments with our best friends!

The Ornaments we made pre paint! They turned out great!
Snuggles with my favorite girl!

At the Drs waiting to see what the next step is for her UTI testing and snacking on Apples during the long wait. What isn't shown here is that after this, she had another bladder bag put on so they could test her urine to make sure the UTI was gone. She FREAKED. She must have remembered it from the week before and how much it her hurt to take it off. It sticks like duct tape on her girl bits. It took me 45 mins by myself in my car trying to calm her down enough to get her to pee. It was a very hard Mama moment for me watching her be so upset and there was nothing I could do for her except try to get her to pee so it could be taken off. We ended up being at the Drs. for 2 hours and we were 30mins late to preschool. I wasn't too stoked about our morning and was exhausted after we got home.

On Saturday my Dad and I pulled out Roweyn's play kitchen to put together and hide until Christmas. With 2 people building it, it still took a little over an hour. They say with only one person it could take up to 3 hours to build it and I was definitely not going to do that! It's super cute though and I am SO SO SO excited for Roweyn to see it Christmas morning!

Being the most precious sleeper. And finally starting to feel like herself again when she started doing her usual shenanigans of climbing all over everything.

Looking oh so cute!!
Can you spot Roweyn in bed? It took me a minute!

It was a super fun but very busy week!! I'm hoping for some down time soon in order to get some prep done for Christmas and Roweyn's Birthday!


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