Sunday, December 11, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 44

Well we're through another week of December and what a week it was! We had some fun times and some not so fun times (dealing with Roweyn's UTI) but it's getting closer to Christmas and Roweyn's Birthday and we are getting quite excited for it!



Roweyn's antibiotics seemed to kick in right away which was great because the day after her Drs appt was her very first Christmas Performance with her preschool on the 8th! So I wore my comfy bunny shirt and she got dressed up in a darling little purple velvet hand me down dress that was in perfect condition. I hadn't bought her any holiday dresses because we didn't have any plans for the Holidays so this worked out perfectly!
The next morning we had preschool and Rowe was all about shooting hoops during outside play. That night, she found a new spot in her toy basket! Had a nice time in the bath! And then somehow after she had gotten her pjs on she fell and landed into her basket where we keep her cloth diapers and extra outfits. I thought it was pretty cute but she wasn't too excited about it!
On Sunday a new Hardware store just opened in our area and was having a grand opening so we headed over there to get some supplies for some Christmas Crafts since everything was 20% off. Roweyn LOVED the hardware store, she found a broom to help sweep, tested out the shelves by laying on them, ran around with a big foam tube and even broke a lightbulb sitting on one of the shelves.

We have an exciting week ahead of us! Roweyn's Best Friend turns Two. We have Christmas crafts and ornaments to work on and it's my brothers birthday. Should be a fun one! Hope you have a great week too!

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