Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

We started off our week leading up to Christmas with the Stomach Flu. Roweyn had it every other day the entire week and the rest of us except for my sister all got it on Wednesday. After we were over it, we basically didn't have an appetite for days, especially Roweyn, it took her about 2 weeks to get hers back, so being excited for Christmas food just wasn't the same when we still felt a little nauseous.

We had a wonderful quiet Christmas with our family though and Roweyn was SO into it! It was pretty much the cutest thing ever! She loved grabbing the presents under the tree and handing them out to everyone and then helping everyone open them. This was definitely my favorite part about Christmas.

Here are our photos!

So excited about her new Kitchen that Mama got her!

Saying "It's Papa" 
He's the only one on the phone ever, according to her.

Stocking goodies!

Opening a pressie with Mama.

Her new bed aka my new Sheepskin Seat covers for my car.

Big girl opening her presents all by herself

Got Nana a cover for her new iPhone

Future Skateboarder, hanging out on her Uncles new Longboard

SO excited about her new Unicorn Purse from her Great Aunt

Us together Christmas night

Heading out for drinks with my brother & his girlfriend
My first time out w/out Roweyn in over a year.

Opening more presents the day AFTER Christmas because there were so many!

So excited about her pantry set 

Super excited to open her big present from her Uncle and Auntie

More photos to come from Christmas eve - After Christmas from my iPhone!

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  1. cute! haha, i just did my xmas post a couple of weeks ago. i think it took me that long to recover!



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