Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas iPhone Photos

So I got a post up about our Christmas but since I took photos on my iPhone as well, I thought I'd break it down into two different posts. So in case you missed the first Christmas post, check it out HERE!

Now here are all the photos from Christmas Eve to the day after Christmas from my iPhone!

Christmas Eve Lunch and Snuggles!

Ornament Painting and the finished products on Christmas Eve!

 All the presents out, ready for Christmas Morning and Opening up her Christmas Eve Pajamas (that she refused to wear!)

Christmas Morning! "Mama is this for me?" Rowe asks and tuckered out at nap time after so much fun opening some of her presents!

Baking cupcakes in her new kitchen, notice she is using the pot holder to carry the tray! And doing some skateboarding on her Uncles new Longboard under the tree!

Helping Nana and Papa walk the dogs the day after Christmas and looking so stylish while doing it!

Reading one of her new books from Christmas and Snuggling up on her last night of being a 1 year old because tomorrow is her Birthday and she will be TWO!!


  1. Hi! I'm sponsoring with you at Reno Sparks mom this month :) Looking forward to following along with your adventures!
    <3 Ashley



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