Thursday, March 3, 2011

3rd Times a Charm!

Well, I guess I spoke too soon on Monday....My computer was working wonderfully Monday night and most of Tuesday then I left it alone for an hour, came back and once again, it was off! 

I called the Apple store right away and spoke to the guy that had been helping me the past couple times...he couldn't believe it happened again. He put me on hold for at least 10 minutes, got back on the phone and said the most amazing sentence I have heard since this whole computer fiasco started. He said, "We are giving you a new machine." I couldn't believe it! I was so stoked! It was funny because I was getting ready to tell them that they had worked on it 3 times already and the cost of parts cost as much as a brand new computer, but I didn't even have to! The phone cut out when he was telling me if it was going to be brand new or not, so all I heard was "brand new", but I was totally thinking I was just going to get a refurbished one. I went in today to pick it up and low and behold, it was their latest Macbook model, completely upgraded and everything!! It's amazing. 

Apple went above and beyond my expectations! Trying to repair my computer for FREE that wasn't even under warranty and then GIVING me a brand new one is just amazing! They will forever have my loyalty! I have been a huge fan of theirs for quite sometime now, but now I'm probably their biggest fan!

A big thanks to Apple and their boy "Genius's"!!

I was able to transfer all of my data from my external hard drive to my new Macbook with absolutely no problem. I turned it on and it's like nothing ever happened to my old one, except it's upgraded by being faster, has a bigger hard drive, lighter, shaped slightly rounder and upgraded with the latest software! *Swoon!*

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently for me to get this all taken care of! Everything should be back to normal here shortly!

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