Monday, August 8, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 25 | Last Week

Our week started off last week with the fam going out of town so Roweyn and I had the house to ourselves for a few days. That means no work for me while Nana is gone and can't watch Rowe so somehow I end up planning something for every day off, which is great, but can be a little tiring!

Roweyn napping on Sunday the 24th.
All day Monday all Roweyn did was climb on EVERYTHING! I set her down, turn away for 2 seconds, turn back around and she is standing on a little table pushing her stroller back and forth! It was stinkin cute but I couldn't believe she did that.
Later we were watching a show, relaxing on the couch...or so I thought, till I turned around to see Roweyn on the keys of the piano playing with Nana's very nice collectables! I don't even think the piano made much of a noise when she climbed up there. Since then we've caught her doing it a few more times. :/
After she was done climbing it was off to waiting to be dragged around on a blanket. A favorite game she loves to play with Auntie Tayelor.

After we were all done playing inside, and when it was cool enough, we moved outside. There's really nothing cuter than a toddler in her cloth diaper! She loves strutting back and forth on that sidewalk. We built some fun sand castles and then she teared them down, which Roweyn thought was very fun.

Tuesday was a busy day and not many photos. We went to Auburn to do some light shopping and then visited an old friend who just had a darling second baby. She has a girl a couple months younger than Roweyn and just had a boy! He's so cute!

Wednesday we headed to Roseville, it mainly ended up being us doing birthday shopping for my sister Tayelor who turned 11 on the 31st! I wore my hair up because it was 100*. We went to Target and I found the CUTEST ankle boots for Roweyn. I put them on her when we got home and she refused to take them off until bed time. Can't wait for Roweyn to wear them in the fall. I think I want her to wear them for our outdoor photos at the beginning of October. How cute would that be?? Another photo of her below, still wearing them. haha

I bought new polish on Tuesday and Wednesday and gave my toesies and fingers some fresh paint on Thursday while Roweyn was napping.
Roweyn and did some cuddling on the couch after she woke up, apparently she thought I was a good chair. I love her snuggles even if I'm just the "chair" hehe

She then proceeded to sit next to me and chew on her toes. Guess shes still quite flexible! I have photos of her doing this in my belly! She would put her foot in her face all the time. I had to get a lot of ultrasounds and theres a few of them with her foot up. I had one of those 3D ultrasounds done and the ENTIRE time she had her foot over one of her eyes. Not joking. She wouldn't budge for anything!!
Friday I was back at work so the only photo I have is after bath time. Babies always look SO cute in hooded towels.
No photos for Saturday. We spent most of the day doing some cleaning. Then we headed down to the park to see a very old friend of mine that I grew up with that just moved back home after 4 years of being in another state. It was fun to see her and meet her little guy who's 3 and for them to meet Roweyn for the first time.
Sunday was Tayelor's 11th Birthday. We spent the morning watching her open presents and then she was off to the closing night of the play she was in. Afterwards they had a cast party and a little birthday party for her as well that we attended.
While we were getting ready to head over to the party, Roweyn once again found something new to climb on! 
Then I went to finish getting ready in my bathroom when Roweyn got very quiet in the other room, so I went to check on her. I found her in her room looking in her mirror, applying "make up" with one of my make up brushes and a lid that she found. Almost DIED! So for a week now she has been carrying around that make up brush and top every day and doing her make up. As soon as we get up, she heads straight to it, and carries it around for as long as I let her or she brings it back to my bed if I'm still in bed and she sits and puts make up on herself and Mommy. I have her leave it upstairs that way it doesn't get lost. It takes a few minutes before we can head downstairs to get her to actually put it down and leave it. ha

I swear, one of these days, things will start to calm down a bit and I will get back to posting these more on time. I'm thinking in September things will be slowing down.

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