Sunday, August 28, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 29

I had a really busy work week last week and the days I had off my plans fell through so Roweyn and I were able to spend some quiet quality time together.

The rest of Sunday evening that we spent outside, Roweyn played in her sand box on the deck and realized her swim diaper was wet and not off it went with the help of mommy! Which then resulted in her doing some naked gardening! So cute!

Monday I was at work for 9 hours, it was a very LONG and TIRING day with very little down time and no breaks longer than a minute or two. I was exhausted when I got home and it was a very short evening with Roweyn.

Tuesday after a short time at work, I met up with my mom to get Roweyn and headed home which resulted in Roweyn falling asleep in the car since it was nap time and she woke up as soon as we pulled into the driveway and refused to go back to sleep so she only had a 15 minute nap. I thought we were going to head back out again and figured she would just take a nap in the car on the way there but we ended up not going so instead we played outside on the chair and then down at the beach.

I didn't get any pictures Wednesday and I have no idea why since we were home all day. We were supposed to have company visiting in the morning but they had an emergency with their friends and couldn't make it.

Thursday was our first day back to work at P.Pants Cloth Diaper Store after a month and a half off. My friend Trisha who I threw the shower for and who also owns the store is now on Maternity Leave. We started our morning with Rowe sleeping in and I couldn't resist getting a few photos of her. I LOVE when babies/toddlers sleep with their arms behind their head. So cute!! It ended up being a bit of a difficult day for Roweyn. She wasn't too stoked on being cooped up in the store all day and she only took a 30 minute nap so she was pretty grumpy and wanted to get into everything. We were both very happy to go home.

Friday was another VERY LONG day at work and when I got home it was time for Roweyn to go to bed so we didn't get to spend too much time together and the next morning we had to get up and head to the diaper store again.

First off, Roweyn turned 20 Months on Saturday! Can't believe shes no longer in the teens! haha But what I really can't get over is that in 4 months she will be 2! Just thinking about it stresses me out!

We spent our day at the diaper store, Roweyn was in a better mood than Thursday and we were able to spend some time outside in front of our store since the Farmers Market was going on on the street right outside our door. It's been there all Summer and I've worked at the store off and on during it but it was the first one I spotted Boba Tea at. I've been craving it all summer and as far as I know none of our local shops have it but one of the booths did. I ran over there so fast to get one and it was just as good as I hoped.

When we got home we headed out on the boat for an evening ride. Roweyn was sitting in the back with my mom and the wind was blowing in her face and the sun was shining and she was making the funniest faces. I couldn't help but laugh! She loves the boat though, just like I did and still do.

This morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast outside on our lower patio by the beach, after we were done Roweyn spent some time playing in the playhouse, she closed the door so no one could come in and I think she forgot that she did that cause then she was peeking out the window and at one point tried to climb out. I told her all she had to do was open the door to get out and she says "Oh" and turns around to open the door. The way she said "Oh" was like she had totally forgotten about the door. 

We both took a nice nap in the middle of the day and when we got up we did some cleaning, we got a "new to us" couch put upstairs that is quite comfy and then headed out to the yard for a bit for some swimming and drawing.

All in all we had a fun yet very busy week and this week we will have another!

P.S. Night weaning has been going pretty well! Her last time nursing before heading to bed is usually between 9 and 9:30 and then we go about 8 hours without, then I will let her nurse again. She basically doesn't ask for it at night anymore until she has hit the point around 8 hours where she asks and gets pretty upset if I say no. It's definitely helping us sleep better and it makes me not mind having her in my bed because she's not glued to my side.

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