Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 23 | Almost a Week Late

I just can't seem to stay on top of blog posts since summer started. It makes me sad because I don't get to put the effort into them that I want to. But then again it means that I am so busy enjoying my time with Roweyn that it pretty much makes it worth it.

So here I am almost a week late for Roweyn's Ramblings. I've had the photos ready for almost a week now, I've been editing them here and there but haven't even gotten onto blogger until just now to post them. So let's see what I've got!

Roweyn being extra cute during lunch on Sunday the 10th while eating Annies Mac and Cheese.

After I got home from work on Monday we walked down to our beach and spent some time playing in the sand! It's almost always too hot during the day and I'm usually home from work by late afternoon or evening so it ends up being the perfect temperature! Rowe gets to play in the sand and Mama gets to relax in front of the lake while building sand castles with the kiddo.

Roweyn enjoying some nutella toast as a part of her breakfast Tuesday morning. She doesn't really eat the toast, she pretty much just licks and tries to bite the nutella off of it. Hence the reason it's all over her face! haha

Nigh nigh time, Rowe nursing before bed time. One of my favorite times that we just get to snuggle together for as long as Mama feels...which could end up being all night! haha

We worked the first Summer Nights in Nevada City, Roweyn barely napped on Wednesday so on our way there she ended up falling asleep with the book on her chest. She is still rear facing in her car seat. 

Did you know that your kids are supposed to be 1 year AND 20 lbs before turning them around? Roweyn isn't 20lbs yet, so she stays Rear Facing, but even if she was I would keep her that's also known as Extended Rear Facing. It's 5 TIMES SAFER to keep them Rear Facing till at least Two and the AAP recommends that you do so. Roweyn has NO problem Rear Facing and actually loves to look through the back window while driving. She has long legs but isn't cramped at all, they are a little bent but she doesn't mind it and if we were to get in an accident I wouldn't have to worry about her getting a neck injury like I would if she was Forward Facing.

Thursday the 14th we picked up Kayla and Kallie and headed down to the Sac Zoo. It was Roweyn's first time going. The weather was cooler this week so it was only in the upper 70s, there was a nice breeze too so it was perfect!

Kallie and Roweyn are checking out the monkeys!

Roweyn spotted the Carousel from half way across the zoo so of course we had to go on it!

Roweyn checking out the Giraffes. She couldn't take her eyes off them, so we get a photo of the back of her head! haha

After we got back home we spent the evening in the back yard, like we do almost every evening. We got the bubbles out and played with those for a while. It took me probably 10 + tries to actually get a photo of Roweyn's face! haha I kept getting the back of her head...but I LOVE this one. 

Everyone's talking about no heat curls, but I'm lucky enough to have a natural wave. Thank God! Saves me so much more time getting ready. I used to always wear my hair straight, usually during winter and then wavy during summer, but not anymore. It takes way too much time to straighten my hair, I've only worn it straight once this year!

Roweyn pretending to be her Mama, shes got her bathrobe on and she's drinking some coffee (not really, its actually empty) out of one of my favorite cups.

Chasing Roweyn around the yard during some more fun in the sun on Sunday before heading over to the park.

Roweyn now trying to be like her Nana, with her sun hat and shades at her Auntie Tayelor's Water Baptism.

Pretty sure everything Roweyn is wearing is pink...even the floor at the fro yo place is pink polka dots! While we were testing flavors we gave Roweyn her own little cup of fro yo. Probably one of the cutest things was watching her lick it out of the cup!

Monday morning after shower time, Roweyn was walking around with her hooded towels on her head. She normally refuses to wear them and rips them off as soon as I put her down. Cyder was laying on the blanket and Roweyn walked over and laid down with her! So presh! Then she started making this face! One of my favorites...its so funny!

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