Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Daze

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend, spending time with family and enjoying the sunshine! Hope you guys did too! We were having so much fun we didn't take a lot of photos. I did get some adorable shots of Roweyn that will hopefully be up on Roweyn's Ramblings when I get a chance! 

Lately I just haven't had the energy to blog. We've been busy trying to enjoy the hot weather as much as possible and by bed time I'm just exhausted. When we're not busy outside, I'm busy inside, trying to catch up on cleaning and relaxing when I get a chance and the last thing on my mind is blogging. Even though I want to put up the adorable photos of Roweyn and talk about all the fun we are having, right now I'd rather just spend the time living it and not blogging it. I do hope to get up a post of Roweyn Ramblings tonight if the time permits. 

Roweyn and I have the house to ourselves this week. My parents, Tayelor and my niece Devyn left yesterday morning for Eureka to visit family. My brother Trevor and Sierra came down on Sunday and stayed until this morning to hang out with Rowe and me. It was SO nice having them here. They even watched Roweyn for a couple hours yesterday so I could go to work! Roweyn did so well, considering she hasn't been left with anyone besides my mom. I have to work on Friday too so she will be having a play date with Kashmir and her Mama Trisha. She's never had a play date without me going along but I'm sure it will go well. Having a friend to play with is always a good distraction!

Well Rowe is up from her nap, and after she has a nice lunch we are going to head down to the pool to play! Roweyn is loving the water and it will be our first time swimming there this summer. I'm excited to give her a little swim lesson! Nice thing about being an ex swim teacher, I can just teach her myself!

Being sure to practice this all Summer

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