Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 22 | 4th of July

We had such a great 4th. We spent the day relaxing at the house, lounging on the beach and in the lake, just spending time with the fam. It was definitely one of my favorite 4ths.

Cousins playing in the sand. Roweyn snug as a bug in her towel per her request. Eating my popsicle and not sharing with me. HER VERY FIRST PIGTAILS!! 

Walking with Papa and Nana. Being cute. LOVING the watermelon. FIREWORKS!! 

Roweyn LOVED the fireworks. We laid on a blanket on the grass and watched them above us. It's definitely one of my new favorite memories of us. She cuddled up right next to me and we would point at them and say "Oooo pretty" and she would giggle. It was the sweetest thing.

Thursday we headed down to Roseville, mainly so we could find Roweyn a potty chair. We ended up finding lots of good deals on clothes and some others I just couldn't resist. :) We also met up with my best friend Vanessa from cosmetology school, along with her husband and darling baby. We hadn't see each other since her graduation when I was about 9.5 months pregnant. So she had never met Roweyn and I'd never met her daughter who was just born in February. Her name is Scarlett and she is the cutest little thing! Roweyn was so cute with her too.

1) A skirt I couldn't decide on...$26 down to $6 at Old Navy so I bought it.
2) A dress at H&M I just had to have!
3) Roweyn loving her new green potty chair!
4) Some of Rowe's goodies from Babies R Us. 3 tanks & a One Piece Suit on sale plus an additional 30% off and her potty chair $3 off.
5) A skirt, halter and tank top for Roweyn all under $6.99, plus 2 skirts for me on sale at Old Navy.
6) 2 shirts and a tank from H&M none on sale though. :(
7) 3 dresses for me from H&M the first one on sale but the others weren't
8) And last but not least, Roweyn modeling her new halter

Friday July 8th:
Good morning Roweyn!! 
#FlashbackFriday....Me at 35 weeks pregnant, Thanksgiving 2009.
#FlashbackFriday....Roweyn at 5.5 months, one of my all time favorite photos of her!
Yummy Frozen yogurt!
Roweyn eating all our fro yo

Saturday July 9th:
My girls LOVE boat
A big fire just on the other side of the hill from us while we were boating
Weeeee! Roweyn loved sitting in the front of the boat

Sunday July 10th:
I would so be okay if she slowed down from being such a big girl
Roweyn relaxing at the beach
Baby nappin so I'm relaxin

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