Sunday, July 10, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 21 | A Week Behind

Things have been a little crazy around here as you noticed in my last couple posts. I'm now a week behind in Roweyn's Ramblings and am ready to do some catch up! Lets hope I can remember all that has happened!

Here is everything from the week before 4th of July!

Monday the 27th:
Roweyn turned 1.5 years old! And drinking out of her cup like a big girl!

Tuesday the 28th:
Roweyn REALLY wanted to go boating. She kept pulling out her lifejacket and trying to put it on.

Wednesday the 29th:
My niece and Roweyn's cousin Devyn came to stay and play for a few days! She LOVES her cousin. She wanted to play with her non stop and copied everything she did. I wish they could see each other more often.

Thursday the 30th:
Every time I asked Roweyn to do something she would cross her arms. Roweyn's best friend Kashmir came over to play so her parents could go on a date. Rowe thought it was hilarious having shorts on her head. Rowe and Kash swinging.

Friday July 1st: Already?! 
Rowe loving the trampoline.
Rowe driving the boat while eating cheese...quite the multitasker. LOVING the boat ride! Bath time after the boat.

Saturday July 2nd:
My new coffee mug! I luff it! Rowe is the coolest kid on the boat. Duh!

The linky is already closed for last week, so I'm just going to put the one for this week on this one as well as our other post that is actually for this week. :) Did that make sense? ha

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