Sunday, July 24, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 24

Yes! I'm actually getting this out on time this week! So proud of myself. :) We had a pretty laid back week, we didn't go many places, as I worked a good amount, so we enjoyed most of our time together at home and in our yard of course. :)

Monday after I got home from work we spent the evening outside exploring our yard. Roweyn loves to swing on the "big girl swing" on our side yard. I help her up onto it and push her very gently for only a minute or two and then she is ready to hop off and find something new to do.

When we came back inside we did some relaxing on the couch. Roweyn really wanted to cuddle with Cyder but Cyder was not having it. She kept getting up and moving and every time she would, Roweyn would be right behind her following her to the new spot. It was really funny.

Tuesday morning we woke up and Roweyn climbed out of bed before I did, like she normally does, while Mama tries to relax for a few more minutes. Well that was working great until I heard a crinkling noise...I jumped up in hopes that I could catch her before she dumped the almost empty bag of chips, mostly just full of crumbs, onto the floor. I raced out of my room only to find Roweyn sitting up on her changing table, with her hand in the bag, munching on the chips. I couldn't help but laugh! If you look in the photo, you can see to the right there is a light which is sitting on a little end table right next to our little loveseat couch. She has figured out how to climb from the couch to the end table and then up onto her changing table (which is just a changing pad on top of a card table) when she sees something up there that she wants. My gosh it is never ending with this kid! haha

Wednesday we spent the morning at home relaxing and getting ready for an appointment in the afternoon. 

For part of Roweyn's breakfast she had toast with jelly on it and really enjoyed licking the jelly off of the toast and of course not eating the bread.

"Oh Hai Mom!" haha no privacy for me with this little munchkin!

After a couple hair appointments at the house, we headed up to Grass Valley for the farmers market. It was hot and we walked around a couple times, got some food and then headed back home. It wasn't very exciting and I'm not too fond of going places with just us cause we get bored easily. haha

While we were there we ran into some of our friends who pointed out that Rowe and I were matching...we were both wearing green. Then I realized we were also both wearing purple too! I had no idea we were matching at all till she pointed it out! 

We came home, spent some time outside. We went back into the house where Roweyn proceeded to take all the tuperware out of the cabinets, then climb into the pain where she then asked me if I could pull her around in it like we do with the laundry basket. Haha nice try kiddo but I don't think so!

I climbed into bed later that night and suddenly got a craving for chocolate, so I ran downstairs, grabbed a Hershey's bar, climbed back into bed and ate the entire bar in bed and enjoyed every minute of it. haha

Saturday I didn't have to work, so when Roweyn woke up, my sister heard her and came upstairs, she took Rowe back downstairs and my parents watched her so I could sleep in for another hour. It was SO nice! I can't remember the last time I got to sleep in for a bit. After I got up I spent the day with Roweyn of course. 

She had a hard time going down for a nap, so I snuggled and nursed her on the spare bed in her room and after many attempts, I got her into her stroller and to sleep, but she wouldn't let go of my hand so I was stuck leaning over the stroller for a bit.

Later, Tayelor had a little party at our house so we spent the afternoon out at the beach where I got a super cute photo of Roweyn's foot prints in the sand!

We have the house to ourselves from tonight till Wednesday night but I'm sure we will stay quite busy. We've already basically made plans for every day since I won't be working until Friday because I don't have a babysitter. I always really enjoy the time when it really is just Roweyn and me. I'm waiting just a few more minutes before Rowe and I head out into the yard for the evening since it's about this time of day when it finally starts to cool off!

Have a great week! I know we will. :)

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