Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 30

Here we are back at the very end of August. Like I said the other day, we took a couple little trips and I took the time off so here are the photos from the week before & the weekend of our first short trip!

Our new Zuzii Bow clips arrived in the mail. I bought them for Roweyn but she only wears them for short periods of time so I get to wear them too! I'm hoping she will wear them for our photos coming up in just a little over a week!! Eeep! So soon!!

We put a little more blonde back into the ends of my hair and am loving this color!

Roweyn modeling her darling dress that she had yet to wear...its a size 9mo and she is 20 months and it fits her perfectly!! She's also sporting the darling Zuzii bow that looks SO  dang cute in her hair!

Speaking of Zuzii again, use the code "Ash15" and get 15% off your entire order!! I got a 6 pack of those clips for only $10.75 and then I got 15% off. Totally worth it! They make other hair accessories as well and super cute shoes and boots!!!

Morning snuggles! Roweyn's new favorite thing to do in the morning to wake me up is sit right on top of me! It definitely works. She's getting heavier and it's not the most comfortable thing anymore.

Roweyn keeping busy at work the 1st day of September. UHH September?? I was talking about how I couldn't believe it was September and now we're in the middle of it. Where the heck does time go???

Snuggles at home after work. Love when she wants to give me snuggles cause it's not something I get whenever I want anymore! Little girl has a very big opinion of what she will and won't do these days.

The weekend of labor day we worked on Saturday and then headed up to Tahoe to my Mom's cousins cabin that is right on the lake, on Sunday for the night. It was Roweyn's and my VERY first overnight trip this ENTIRE Summer. The only other trip we took was to Squaw Valley on Father's Day and that was just for the day. So since then we haven't gone anywhere. This was a really nice little trip for us.

We (and when I say we I mean my Mom, sister, her friend and of course Rowe and me) spent the day on Sunday exploring and playing at the cabin, my brother and his girlfriend came up and met us there a little later. We went on a nice long 2ish hour boat ride where Roweyn took her 2nd nap of the day which is extremely rare these days. She's just like me. I grew up being on a boat every summer and still to this day whenever I'm on one, I get hungry and want a nap. Same exact thing with Roweyn. It cracks me up. Cyder came with us on the trip as well and loved doing lots of sniffing and exploring too and I couldn't help but snap that photo of her in the grass.

And the rest of our photos from our trip will be in the next Roweyn's Ramblings. Can't share it all in one. :)

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