Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

We celebrated Easter all weekend long. Saturday morning we headed over to our local giant park where they do a huge Easter Egg hunt for ages 0-12 with categories for all the ages.

Roweyn did great, waiting oh so patiently to start. We saw friends and doggies in the park and did lots of people watching while we waited.

And then it was show time! Roweyn went straight for the eggs grabbing any she could find and within a minute it was over. There were so many people it went by so fast! After the park we came home and rested a bit before heading out to another park to meet up with a friend. After we got home from that park Roweyn was very worn out and took a nice nap.

While she was napping I was able to get her Easter basket all ready and hidden for Easter day. And Easter morning she ran right to it and opened it up! Finding all sorts of goodies in it!

She found some treats and stickers in the eggs, new activity coloring books, bubbles and some new shoes too!

After she was done opening her basket, we waited for all our family to arrive so we could have an Easter Egg hunt outside, as well as a nice brunch and then head to the park for another Easter Egg hunt!

After hiding all the Eggs (I think there was more than 100 hidden), Roweyn, my sister Tayelor and my niece Devyn who's 7 started the hunt.

Showing us their loot after the hunt! Then it was brunch time and after that we went to the park, where Roweyn was being surprisingly shy during the hunt after doing so well with the others. But she snapped out of it quickly and found lots of goodies and couldn't wait to show us.

My darling girl and me. And my favorite picture from the brother Trevor, Roweyn and me. Apparently I didn't get the memo about sticking my tongue out!

All the girls with the Easter Bunny!

We had a wonderful Easter but it was very busy and by the afternoon I was exhausted. Our family all left and I passed out with Rowe when I put her down for a late nap. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and it was the perfect way to end the Holiday. 

Hope everyone else had just as great of a day!

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