Thursday, October 6, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 32

Well I'm finally getting a chance to post this. Between getting back from our trip, getting ready for our photos a couple weeks ago and then fighting allergies and sickness for over a week now, I've been just a little busy. Since it's a rainy day and the kiddo is down for what I hope to be a nice long nap, I get a chance to do this!! 

The Tuesday after we got back from our trip I worked, so our one  photo of the day is our night time snuggles. Love moments like these and love it even more that I will have pictures to look at, even though I'll never forget those precious moments.

Wednesday afternoon we headed over to what I was hoping would be our locations for our outdoor photos. We went out in the evening to check the lighting and figure out the best time to take the photos. I was ecstatic with what I saw and Roweyn had fun exploring with me. The last photo is take over at the park in front of the lake where I had thought about taking some of our photos too if we had the time.

After we got back, Roweyn pulled out her shoes and successfully pulled one onto her foot. I was so proud of her, even if it was the wrong foot! Then she tried on half of an  outfit I was planning for photos but she ended up not wearing it.

Rowe was being super cute at work on Thursday. Love that color shirt on her! We were playing peek a boo over the wall! Then later I caught her rocking her stuffed animal in the chair. She was such a good girl that day!

Obsessed with putting on hats while there, I couldn't help but snap a photo of it.

#flashbackfriday Newborn baby Rowe, freshly baked, she was soo teeny!! It feels like just yesterday that I gave birth to her but then at the same time it feels like forever ago. I can't believe it has almost been TWO years!! Only a couple weeks old she was already doing cute things! Either that or she was tired of her Nana snapping photos of her! Ha!!

Outside play time at Tall Pines, she was welcoming me to her cabin. Another #flashbackfriday photo on instagram, Roweyn's first photoshoot at 3.5 months old. She actually looks chubby!!

Saturday it was back to work for us where Roweyn is loving bouncing on Rody more and more!!

After work we met up with my mom and sister at the Italian Festa that was going on at a park for the weekend. Roweyn obviously loved it and of course we had to go since we are Italian! :) We ate Fried Artichoke Hearts and a big Italian Meatball Sandwich, along with some Pizza! It was all SO good! Then later I grabbed some Vanilla Bean Gelato, couldn't leave without eating that too, while watching the dancers and Italian music up on the stage!

Sunday I tried out a new way of napping for Roweyn at home. I was getting really tired of putting her in a stroller for nap time since she refused to sleep in her crib during it. I knew it couldn't be that comfortable for her, even though she slept for over an hour in it. The next weekend I was planning on switching her Crib to a Toddler bed so until then I put her in the big queen bed that is in her room. We read some stories and then cuddled until she fell asleep and she slept there I think for about 1.5 hours!

*Of course Roweyn wakes up after only napping for 20 minutes....must have jinxed myself when I wrote up top that I hoped it would be a long nap. Whoops!! I think I got her back down though...fingers crossed! 20 minutes is not a long enough nap time!!*

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