Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 34 & 35

Okay I am REALLY behind on this series! Like over a month behind. Whoops! I guess we've just been busy living life lately! So I'm just going to do a combo of these to hopefully get us back on track shortly!

So let me take you back to the end of September, starting with the week of the 26th.

Crib turned toddler bed! Rowe taking her first nap in her big girl bed at 20 months old. Roweyn sleeping at night in her bed. She cracks me up in that photo, she's so stick straight! Trying to get comfy on her potty while reading a book on her 21 month birthday.

After shower sillies. #flashbackfriday Roweyn's 1st Birthday Photos! #flashbackfriday Roweyn a year ago at 9.5 months old at the Pumpkin Patch for the first time! Enjoying the sunshine on the trampoline.

Static hair on the trampoline! She's getting braver and braver each time we go on it and she always has a blast! Half naked toddler. Wearing Auntie Tayelor's giant bow.

The many faces of Roweyn during breakfast. Playing with her baby in the playhouse. Nighttime nursing...she fell asleep on the boob, something that never happens anymore. Having a blast in the swing with her baby.

Back to work hair. Twisted loose french braid. After work snuggles and holding my hand, my favorite after a long day of work! Silly balloon belly!

More silly breakfast faces! Holding 3 month old baby Jaxon whose waist was as big as hers! She loved it. haha Hanging upside down on the couch. First time playing at the mall playground. It was crazy crowded but she had fun.

Special treat, first cake pop after a long day of shopping with mommy. Her bangs curling up. So cute! Park play time! Going down the slide by herself. And pretending to be a kitty.

*Side note: This post was written at the beginning of November but I decided to publish it as if it was October so everything would be in the right month.

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