Saturday, October 8, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 33

I just realized I'm 3 weeks behind on this series. Thought I was only 2...oops!!

Monday September 19th was a nice long day of work. That was probably the first time I sat down all day. I was happy to be finishing up and getting ready to head home!

When I got home Monday evening Roweyn's clothes I had ordered online for possible outfits for our photos had arrived. So on Tuesday, she had a little fashion show to see what we liked best! I even joined in and planned my outfit while she was napping. After some help from friends, family and fellow instagramers, I decided to go with dress #1.

So Wednesday I headed down to Target in hopes to find the rest of the pieces to pull both Roweyn's and my outfits together, hoping I wouldn't have to go all the way to Roseville to look for items. Luckily for me, Target had everything we needed! 2 scarf options for me, as well as knee high sock options (it was a 3 pack for only $1.25!!) so I bought both! Score!! And a pair of light purple leggings for Roweyn, those boots we already had and was basically what I was planning our outfits around. I mean, whats cuter than a toddler in ankle boots???

Thursday we were back to work! Rowe was sitting on my lap when she started snuggling up to me and passed out! It was precious, I didn't want to put her down, she was just so snuggly! Showing off my two fishtail braids....I had to make two because I have so much hair one braid was too fat and kept falling apart!

Friday was preschool, it also happened to be my dads birthday, he was in town and my mom and sis weren't, so he came with us to class! We took a walk around the fairgrounds with the class because the Draft Horse Classics was happening and there were horses everywhere. Roweyn loved it, we even got to sit on a giant Draft Horse which she was stoked about!!

Saturday we spent the day at home relaxing with family. My brother and his girlfriend came down Friday night to help celebrate my Dads Birthday and my mom and sis got home Friday afternoon as well. Later that day, the fam got ready and headed to Sac for a friends housewarming party.

We spent the day inside on Sunday since it decided to be a cold semi rainy day. I think it was the first time it had rained since June! I was worried a bit about the rain though since Monday we were getting our photos done and I was nervous about the location becoming muddy. Luckily for us it hardly rained and the sun was back out on Monday to dry up the ground! 

Roweyn waiting patiently for the bath to fill up...can you spot the super cute curl on the top of her head?? After bath time she didn't want to get out so she laid in the water as it drained out being silly and making cute faces! After that we were off to bed in hopes to get a great nights sleep so we would be well rested for our photo session the next day!! I'm so excited to share the photos with you! If you haven't seen the Sneak Peek yet....check it out here!! I'm in the process of picking out all the ones I want so hopefully soon we will have them!

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