Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy 18 and 19 Months!

This summer has been so busy that I have put off posting my monthly letters to Roweyn, so a couple of them will be combined months.


My darling Mini Me, not just with your looks but your personality too! You have been very busy the past couple months, exploring, learning, talking and always going. You want to be outside any chance you get, playing in the rocks, the grass, your play house, the sand and the water. You are so curious about everything, always wanting to know what "it" does and how "it" works. You listen to me so well when I explain things and are so eager to learn.

This Summer you went through a phase of not taking naps in your crib, but napping in your stroller instead. You would only sleep for 15 - 20 mins in your cirb but would nap for an hour or two in your stroller. It was so silly and I couldn't understand how it could be that comfortable but I went with it because you were happy doing it.

You are talking more than ever, one of your favorite sayings right now is "No way" and it's probably one of the cutest things in the world, you also said "Darn it" recently while pretending to wipe something off with a washcloth. You can show me and say "Nose, Ear, Hair, Teeth, Mouth, Eyes, Feet" and most likely a few more! The other morning you said, "Whoa, I see you" while we were hanging out in bed.

Everyday you become more of a Toddler and less of a baby and it's very bittersweet for me. I love watching you learn and grow and blossom into the darling little girl you are becoming! But along with that comes more independence for you, which means you need Mommy's help less and less, it also means less snuggling for us, as you are always on the go.

Your hair grew so much this summer too! You wore your first ponytail and pigtail on top of you head at the end of June and your first pigtails on 4th of July!!

Your favorite activities this summer were going for rides on the boat and jumping on the trampoline! I watched you go from being unsure about the trampoline, having to hold onto me or your Auntie Tayelor at all times on it, to running around and jumping all by yourself! It was really neat to see the change and I am so proud of you!

I bought your very first potty for you at 18.5 months old. Although you weren't quite ready for that big step, I wanted you to get used to having it around and trying it out whenever you wanted. You were pretty excited about it the first night I brought it home.

We took a trip to the Zoo for the very first time and you loved seeing all the animals but I think you favorite was definitely the Giraffes. You couldn't take your eyes off them!

After we got home from the Zoo we played with bubbles, I really love this photo of you because you were having so much fun.

Sometimes you like to dress up and pretend you are mommy. Wearing your bathrobe and drinking out of my coffee cup, well I guess I should say pretending to drink out of it, since it was empty. Our clothes always seem to be matching too! A lot of times I don't even realize it until someone points it out.

No matter what we're doing you always find fun things to do and ways to make me laugh, which usually means a big clean up afterwards from me, but you are getting really good at helping pick up after yourself. You also discovered your love of climbing! I always have to keep an eye on you because you find some scary things to climb on.

Another couple of your favorite activities were laying down on a blanket while someone pulled you around the house and playing outside in the sand. I love hearing you squeal with laughter on that blanket and building sand castles with you and then us laughing together while you tore them down.

This summer has been such a fun adventure with you! I really can't believe how big you've gotten, that you actually turned 18 months and then 19! It all goes by so quickly and you really are growing up right before my eyes. I am so happy to be your Mama, to teach you all about this world we live in, while watching you discover so much of it on your  own too. I think most of all though, I'm so happy to know that we have a lifetime together, you will always call me Mama, and I will always be able to call you my daughter.

I love you so much!!
Your Mama

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