Sunday, October 23, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 36 & 37

So here I am still playing catch up! Lets go back to the week of Oct. 11th!

Just doing some light pamphlet reading! Glaring at me for taking photos of her. Then she puts her head down and starts fake snoring! So cute! Washing her hair in the bath!

Sometimes I find really random curls in my hair. Roweyn on the big girl swing at our park play date! Driving the firetruck at the park. In n Out lunch date..."OMG these fries are SO good!" I'm thinking thats what she was saying.

She had a rough time staying asleep so Mommy closed the door and then she passed out in front of it in less than 5 minutes. I had to squeeze between the door and the wall with a space smaller than my leg to get to her, but I did it, somehow! Sunday the 16th we went to Apple Hill! Roweyn was very excited to be getting out of her car seat. At one of the farms there were some calves that she couldn't stop staring at! And another had a pumpkin patch where she picked out a pumpkin.

Monday, after work I picked up my sister and the other kids from school. Then I came home and took Rowe to play outside. Her favorite thing to do right now is play on the trampoline. So we took the ball to toss around and jump with and then she practiced her somersaults. She's so close to doing one! Taking a nap on Tuesday. She looks so darling when she sleeps!

On Wednesday, October 19th, we went to the park again for another play date! The weather was so nice all of October, so we wanted to get as much outside play in as possible! Roweyn and her best friend Kashmir mid hug in the firetruck. My new TOMS shoes from the kids department! Apparently a Youth size 4 is the same size as a Women's Size 6! I got those for less than $40 and if I had bought the womens, they would have been $60-$80!! Playing on the trampoline again after nap time! We were being very silly!

Sitting on the pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch during Rowe's field trip with her preschool. Being a good mommy with her baby. Getting ready to start on Roweyn's Halloween costume. Playing with the kitty outside.

Pretending to sleep in the giant foam mattress. Playing "Lets see how many family members we can fit on the mattress".  "Roweyn if you try to get any closer to the tv you're going to wind up inside it" #flashbackfriday my shopping buddy making adorable faces at almost 7 months!

Saturday evening we went to a Hoe Down Fundraiser for my sisters school. Super strong toddler hanging from the bar (my dad is actually holding her up). She was so tired from running around and dancing, she was out cold in the car. I was able to take her out without waking her which never happens. And then I got her into bed, skirt off, diaper changed and pjs on without even waking her up! I was pretty happy!

*Side note: This post was written in November but I decided to publish it as if it was October so everything would be in the right month.

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