Monday, October 3, 2011

Sneak Peek!

A week ago today we took our outdoor photos with Lemaire Photography who traveled from Reno to a location I picked out right down the street from my house. The weather was perfect...upper 70's after a day of light rain shower. 

Roweyn did awesome, exploring the ranch with me while a stranger we had never met took our photos. Lucky for us, Danny from Lemaire Photography has kids of his own and knows how it is to work with them, which is one of the many reasons I chose him to take our photos. Cyder even joined us at the beginning which was fun and I think helped break the ice a little bit.

Lemaire Photography is actually a team of Danny and his wife Shelley. He takes the photos and Shelley edits them (to my knowledge) and they both do an awesome job! They share some photos from their sessions on their facebook page which I pretty much stalked for about a day hoping they would post one or two from our session, which they did and it was love at first sight!! Not only that, Shelley told me that there were so many she wanted to post, she ended up doing a sneak peek of them on their blog! She put up 7 photos that I am absolutely in love with! It actually brought tears to my eyes looking at them because they are just perfect and exactly what I was hoping for!

By the end of this week I should hopefully be getting the proofs and am just so excited to take a look at all of them!!

Want to see the photos??? You don't need to answer that because obviously you do! Just click here and that will take you straight to them! Be sure to come back here and tell me what you think!!

P.S. Roweyn's Ramblings Week 32 & 33 will hopefully be up soon! They're a work in progress!

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