Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Halloween this year was a blast! Roweyn was so into it and it was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Downtown they put on a "Safe Trick or Treat" for Preschoolers and under in the morning while all the other kids are in school. Any of the shops that want to participate stand at their door and pass out candy or another type of treat for the kids. It's a blast for all the little ones and so cute because it looks like it's just a town of teeny kids.

We dressed up in the peacock costumes again that I made basically the week before. ha

Roweyn was all about carrying her own bucket and would not let us get anywhere near it. It was quite funny and cute!

Worn out from such an awesome morning!

We went out that night too in our neighborhood. They designate one street and then block it off so no cars drive through it. Anyone in the area donates the candy so that the houses that are on the street don't have to buy it themselves.

Someone getting a little sleepy until...

She had her very first mini sucker and she loved it! As if you couldn't tell by the photos. :)

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