Monday, November 7, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 38 & 39

Finally catching up to posts from the end of October, yet I still have so many more oh and not to mention that it's almost the end of November! Who knows if I'll ever catch up!

Oct. 25th - 27th: Rowe trying on her owl hat that was made for her Halloween costume last year but was a winter staple after that. We wanted to see if it still fit, and it did! I got a new hair cut and am loving it! Working on peacock feathers for Roweyn's costume this year and after they were done, got the treats for her class signed and ready to go. We passed out little play dough for trick or treating at her preschool.

Oct. 28th & 29th: Trick or treating at school! She did SO good and had such a blast! I loved watching her walk around to all the bigger kids in her preschool and trick or treat. Telling me stories about the camera while stuck between the bed and nightstand....don't ask me how that could be comfortable! ha Eating a giant apple, sharing it with me while walking around saying "Ahpple" love how she says it.

Oct. 29th - 30th: New coat in the mail from her great grandma! Watching the band at the Halloween Festival at the Fairgrounds the Saturday before Halloween. Saying "Mommy, it's bwight", she's talking about the flash on my phone. And making my favorite holiday cookies!

Halloween! We did the "Safe Trick or Treat" they put on downtown for babies to preschoolers. They get to walk around to all the stores and trick or treat in the morning while everyone else was in school. So no having to worry about older kids or going out at night (even though we did that too) I had the most amazing time with Roweyn! Watching her be such a big girl doing all her trick or treating by herself. She wouldn't let me touch her bucket and would pick out the candy all by herself and put it in her bucket. One of my new favorite memories with her. We headed home for lunch and a nap while I raced off to work for a few hours and then came home to take her out trick or treating down the street from our house where she had a blast again!

Having her very first sucker after we were done trick or treating. She really seemed to like it! #flashbackfriday 2 years ago I was a very 7 month pregnant Juno for Halloween in Cosmetology school. By far my favorite costume! Late night reading before heading to bed on Halloween.

Nov. 1st - 3rd: A very happy baby wearing toddler! Night time snuggles. Hat weather! And a very delicious Pumpkin spick bagel adorned with Nutella and sliced banana! Amazing!

Nov. 4th - 6th: Playing in the tractor at preschool! Pretending to get her hair cut! She does this every time after I cut someones hair at the house. Precious nap time snuggles with the bear that used to be mine. And the sweetest face ever during night time snuggles.

*Side note: This post was written at the end of November but I decided to publish it as if it was earlier in the month so everything would be in the right month.

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