Saturday, November 26, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk. 41

Here we are in the middle of November! Already? Can't believe how quickly the holidays are approaching! Too fast in my opinion.

Nov. 20th Rowe playing "Mommy" with her baby and stroller that is almost as big as her. Napping. Wearing her glasses so she can draw. More awesome bubbles in the tub!

Catching the bubbles! And after bath time a little piano time with Papa. Such a sweet moment of the two of them. Rowe really loves her Papa. 
Nov. 21st - Me ready for work to be over. Home from work and snuggling my sweet girl at bed time.

Nov. 22nd - Getting a little energy out before our 6+ hour drive to Eureka for Thanksgiving. Eating breakfast at Great Grandma Nona's house. Naptime! Coloring over at our Aunt's house.

Mean Muggin it! 
Nov. 24th - Wearing her clean diaper on her head Thanksgiving morning. Checking out the Flamingos and the Red Pandas at the Zoo on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Red Pandas, Rowe and me! Riding a tractor and a horse. Spider Roweyn!

Checking out some more animals at the zoo on Thanksgiving.
Nov. 25th. Just a girl and her dog hangin out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was crazy to say the least. Just very busy seeing all of our family and having Two Thanksgiving Dinners on the same night and right after Thanksgiving, I came down with another cold, so I was quite worn out afterwards.

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