Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.12

Sorry I'm late on posting this...I haven't spent much time on my computer the past few days. I will write this as if it was still posted Sunday night so that next weeks Roweyn's Ramblings will still be a full week.

This past week we didn't go out much but instead we stayed in and did some much needed spring cleaning. 

I worked on Monday, then ran over to the dentist to get a filling on a tiny cavity that I'm not even sure was necessary. A week later and it's still sensitive, where as before, it didn't hurt at all. :( Roweyn was carrying around a little hair clip she got for her birthday but hasn't even worn it once because she hasn't had enough hair, so I decided to see if I could clip it in the little hair that has been growing on top of her head lately and it worked! It looked really funny but I was just so excited that I was able to clip it in and it stayed. ha Be sure to check the photo below!

We woke up Tuesday morning and the first thing Roweyn does when she climbs out of bed is grab a tissue and shows me how to blow her nose. It was so cute! And she made the cutest face too! Of course I got a photo of it. :) We spent the day at home cleaning and organizing. I went through all of Roweyn's clothes, took out anything that didn't fit her, washed any new clothes and went through some hand-me-downs. I think I did at least 10 loads of laundry and they were all her clothes...only because a lot were new (from Easter) so I was washing a ton of clothes separately. Roweyn was so good with helping me and playing contently with a few breaks in between.

Wednesday Roweyn turned 16 months!! I can't believe in 2 months she will be 1.5. It's crazy to me!

We had planned to get together with friends on Thursday but all of us were quite tired and I still had SO much cleaning and organizing to do still, so again we spent the day doing more spring cleaning.

Friday, Roweyn had her 15mo well check, even though she was already 16 months. I swear the way doctors offices schedule appointments really never makes sense. And apparently not to them either because they were running an hour behind schedule! I ended up not having to work, thank God. No shots for Roweyn since we don't do them. We might do some at some point, but right now she isn't getting any. Here are her Height and Weight Stats...

Sleeping the night of her 16mo birthday
16 months old
Weight: 16.5lbs
Height: 30in
Head: 44cm

Her Dr says she's still not quite high enough on her growing curve, it seems to still be straightening out. So she has to be weighed and measured once a month till her 18 month check at the beginning of August. Then I have to let him know what her stats were every month. He still doesn't seem worried, he knows that Roweyn comes from a small Mama, but just wants to keep an eye on her....as far as I know.

Roweyn spent most of the day on Saturday with my mom at the park for her friends birthday party while I worked. It was a lovely day but apparently super windy during the first part of it. I picked her up from the park on my way home from work and when we got home we let Cyder out and spent another at least 30 minutes outside. She is LOVING the weather! I have a feeling we will be outside non stop this summer, going to the park, river, pool or just in our back yard. She's at the perfect age to really spend time outside and enjoy it and I can't wait to enjoy it with her.

Sunday we spent the day at home, the first part of the day was warm enough for us to spend some time outside in between doing cloth diaper laundry. We played in the grass, with the rocks and inside her playhouse. We hung the diapers out to sun for the first time this year. Afterwards we both took a nap, she woke up and I was still really tired so my Mom took her back outside for a bit while I took another little nap on the couch. For a snack we had some strawberries with sour cream (and then dipped in sugar for me) and Roweyn tried a peep for the first time. She chewed on it a little bit, but had more fun poking holes in it and playing with it, so it hardly even got eaten, which I'm very happy about! It was the perfect way to spend our day.

Here is our week in photos

Oh you know, just me at the dentist...you like?

I love her tiny legs and feet!

Her hair clip!!

Reading our bedtime story.

Roweyn showing me how to blow her nose.

I'm rocking the high school girls bang combover at work at

I hope she's this helpful when she's older. ;)

Silly morning faces...my favorite.

Making her bunny (Easter present from Kashmir)
give kisses to her Donkey (Easter present from Mama)

Can't wait to fully enjoy this when it's warm enough

Collecting rocks in the yard after being at the park all day
And playing on the porch of her playhouse

Swinging with the most ridiculous sun glasses on 
and a hat thats too small

Cloth diaper laundry!

Peeking out of the window of her playhouse,
checking out the lake.

Cloth diapers getting some sun!

Mmm, strawberries and sour cream...
and a peep!!

That about sums up our week. Hope you all had a great week last week and a great one this week as well! Mother's day is this weekend! Anyone have any fun plans? We sure do, but will talk about them either later on this week or next week during Roweyn's Ramblings.

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