Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Pt.1

We had such a fun weekend. We planned it about a month ago when my parents decided they would go with my sister down to San Francisco on Saturday for her Girl Scout Event. It then turned into Roweyn and me coming to. The plan was we would head down to our friends house about half way between ours and SF, we'd spend the night there and then head to SF the next day. My Mom then came up with the idea of going to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on Friday. This place is great because it not only is an amusement park but a small zoo as well with all sorts of animals and animal shows, perfect for Roweyn.

So to me, my weekend all started on Thursday when we took our trip to Roseville that I talked about in Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.13. It was a fun day of just shopping with the girls, well over due. Roweyn and Kashmir were both semi cranky that day but we got through it and ended the trip with them both napping on the way home. Perfect! After we got back I spent most of the evening packing up the rest of our stuff for the trip.

We woke up super early Friday morning, quickly got ready to go and then were on our way to Six Flags. The drive went great and we got there shortly after the park had opened, only to see that it was "Field Trip Day" for some of the surrounding schools. There were TONS of grade school kids, I think there were at least 10 school buses in the parking lot. Lucky for us most of these kids were there to ride the big rides, while we were there mainly for the animals and shows with the hopes of sneaking in a couple rides if there was time and no long lines.

The weather was perfect, a little breezy but not windy. We walked around looking at animals and stopping here and there for the occasional ride for Tayelor and even a couple for Roweyn! She kept looking at all the giant roller coasters and pointing to them....she is a girl after my own heart. I was the kid that at 7yrs old wasn't tall enough yet to ride the big rides with my older brothers and dad, so I wore shoes that made me taller and big hats. I was still hardly tall enough and I remember the people always questioning me, but I was determined and never got turned down. :)

The whole fam
oh and a pig

Rowe was obsessed with this dolphin fountain

This penguin kept following us

I laugh every time I see this walrus
He kept smooshing his face onto the glass in front of Rowe
And it FREAKED her out
Which makes sense since he was HUGE

So unsure of this guy

Oh the things parents do for their kids
We were so squished but
Roweyn LOVED it
Even when we flew up high

Fishies and sharks

Rowe watching Nana, Papa and Auntie Tayelor
on the bumper cars

After a bunch of walking and checking out some animals, we went over to the Whale Show. It was getting close to Roweyn's nap time so she wasn't super interested but she thought it was pretty great when the whale splashed and almost hit us with water a few times.

After the whale show, we had some lunch, Roweyn fell asleep, so my Dad and I decided it would be the perfect time to go ride a big ride before we would go feed the Giraffes. It took about an hour by the time we were done, but we got to sit front row on the biggest roller coaster. After that, we headed back over to meet my mom, Tayelor and Roweyn to go feed the Giraffes.  We had to pay $5 but then we got to feed them over and over again for 30 mins. Roweyn loved seeing the Giraffe, she would hold the food in her hand but as soon as we got close to it she would throw the food at me and get nervous. So I would feed the Giraffe, she'd watch and then as soon as the Giraffe took the food, Roweyn would make a noise and hug me. It was so funny, it happened every.single.time.

We walked around a little more and then headed over to the Dolphin Show. 

And that is where I will leave off. There are SO many photos and words that I'd rather make it two posts so that it's not too long! Pt.2 will be posted tomorrow with the end of the day at Six Flags and also what we did in SF. Be sure to check it out because there are some REALLY cute photos of Roweyn on a ride that you will not want to miss!

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