Sunday, May 29, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.16

It has been an odd week and today I am exhausted! Rowe didn't have her normal nap today because we were gone, instead she had 2 short naps in the car. And now I am really wishing we hadn't gone anywhere because I would have loved a nap too!

I worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday AND Saturday at the salon. Saturday night was Senior Ball for the high school and our salon did a volunteer project called "The Cinderella Project". Four of us did hair, one did make up and a couple ladies did nails for about 12 girls for free because they couldn't afford otherwise. They also were donated dresses to wear. Although we had some scheduling issues, the day went really well and all the girls LOVED their hair.

Roweyn is LOVING to use the word "No" for everything this week. She seems to have gotten more comfortable with the word and is using it quite often. Along with loud noises or shrieking of disagreement. She is getting very good about expressing her emotions and seems to be testing her limits more and more, giving Mama some headaches!

I got our custom necklaces from an Etsy shop called, Soul Peaces on Monday. They are super cute and I am SO happy with them! I ordered them the Wednesday before, and they arrived so fast! They're super unique. Mine is a bigger Lotus Petal and it says "Roweyn" on it and then I got one for Roweyn for when she is a bit older, that is a teeny tiny Lotus Petal and has a "heart" stamped on it. They're made from recycled sterling silver and go with any outfit, so I can wear it daily to keep Rowe close to my heart. :)

Our necklaces!

Sleeping toddler toes!

We enjoyed one nice day last week, most our days were cloudy, gloomy, cold, windy and rainy. I am SO ready for some sun and heat! I mean it is almost June isn't it??

Enjoying the sunshine while it lasted!

My favorite time.

Rowe had a play date on Thursday with her favorite friend Kashmir. I think it had been 2 weeks since they had seen each other and since Roweyn had been around any other kids! She desperately needed some play time and showed some signs that she had been lacking socialization with little people her size!

I came home Friday after work and the first thing she did was find a book to read to me. Apparently her car seat manuel upside down is pretty interesting to her! Roweyn turned 17 Months on Friday as well! I can't believe she is almost 1.5 years old! This means I'm now behind on both her Happy 16 and 17 Month posts. Oops! 

Our day today consisted of mostly hanging out and relaxing besides the couple hours that we were gone right in the middle of the day. I couldn't help but snap these!

Oh she's just pimpin in her robe

She's obsessed with drawing!

Found her perfectly content on the couch
with a plastic bag and a shoe.

I had one more photo but for some reason it won't show up so I'll just have to post it next week! Now I'm off to bed!

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