Sunday, May 22, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.15

I had another short week of work which meant another 3 days off in a row and no work again on Saturday. It was nice to have the time off but I'm ready to be back! I haven't made much money lately and am trying to make some decisions about what I should do to change that. 

It worked out for this week though since we were getting ready for the garage sale and there was so much  preparing to do! It's all over with now though, thank God! I never knew having a garage sale could make me so sore! It was so weird, I woke up in the middle of the night and almost started crying while half asleep, I was in so much pain and felt sore EVERYWHERE, it was the weirdest feeling. My whole body was just throbbing, it was like I had been doing some sort of extreme sport all day. haha I am SO exhausted from the lack of sleep and all the work that goes into it, but the reward for getting so much sold is SO SO SO worth it! I made over $300 selling baby items, baby clothes, a couple brand new cloth diapers, some old books, knick knacks, and some of my old clothes. It was great to sell so much but I surprisingly still have more stuff to get rid of!

We spent 3 full days outside which Roweyn isn't used to but ended up loving. I think she would live out there if she could! It's SO difficult to set up for a garage sale when you have a toddler wandering around, following the cats and dogs, getting into stuff, and wanting to be fed or picked up though. I tried to keep her in her "gated community", her big gate that turns into a hexagon, but she's not used to being stuck in a little area, so it didn't work too well. So we made do with having to watch her  and Tayelor helped out a lot.

This week Roweyn learned how to say "No". She has been shaking her head "No" for a couple weeks now but now she is combining the word with it. And so far she is doing really well putting it into context. If I ask her if she is still hungry and she's not, she will say "No" or if she wants her diaper changed and again it's "No". haha She does say "Yeah" as well and does really well with answering our questions too.

She has been doing really well with her naps, a few of them this week she slept for 2.5 hours and I think her nap today might have been even longer. Night time though she has had a couple difficult nights. All her "eye" teeth are trying to cut through her gums which I am sure are playing a part in it. They have been messing with her for weeks and I'm really hoping they cut through soon! They will be the last teeth she gets before her 2 year old molars.

And now we are off to bed to hopefully get a good nights rest, but of course not before our photos from this week!

This is how Roweyn naps at home
because she refuses to nap in her crib during the day!

Snuggling with her very best friend and sister

Happy Faces after a nice long nap!

Snuggling with Mama

Whatchu lookin at?

Baby model much?

She has "I just woke up from a nap" hair

I found her just laying on the ground
being silly

My hair on Friday

Preparing for the garage sale

This Mama was physically, mentally and emotionally 
exhausted last night and ready for bed.

Goodnight all!

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