Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend Pt.2

If you missed Pt.1 of my Mother's Day Weekend, be sure to check it out here!

Roweyn LOVED the Dolphin Show. She was so into it and would not take her eyes off the Dolphins for anything. She clapped and danced to the music and pointed to the Dolphins.

After the show, we got a Funnel cake and some ice cream and then headed back over to some of the little rides for the kiddos. While Tayelor was off riding a ride with our Dad, I took Roweyn over to the mini Merry-Go-Round to ride it for the first time. I was unsure if Roweyn would like it and when I put her on the Panda she was a little fussy. But then it started, and while we were spinning and she was going up and down she was laughing, smiling and bouncing. It was so cute! She LOVED it!!

We walked around for a bit and found a little play area that Roweyn could play in while we waited for Tayelor and my dad before we headed to our friends house for the night.

Love that we're both looking the same way
and we both have the same expression

Rowe passed out on our way to our friends house,
she was worn out!

It was an awesome day with the whole fam and I had so much fun with Roweyn and watching how excited she got about everything, it made me excited too, I felt like a kid again.

Sadly, I only have one photo from Saturday when we were in San Francisco, it was so windy and cold in the morning that there just wasn't much to take photos of. 

We started the day off by dropping my Mom and sister off at the Girl Scout event, then my Dad, Roweyn and I headed towards Fishermans Wharf to get some coffee and breakfast and do some walking around. We had breakfast at Starbucks then walked around going in and out of shops, browsing, sight seeing, etc.

We decided to head over to the farmers market after Roweyn had woken up but when we were on our way, we got into a very minor fender bender and by the time we got done dealing with it, we only had a short while longer before having to pick up the girls. So instead we headed over to Union Square to do some more walking and shopping. We stopped at H&M, I found a couple tops, nursed Roweyn and then the girls called us letting us know they were done.

That was about the extent of our day, after picking up the girls we headed home while making one stop in Roseville.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and were able to celebrate Mother's Day whether you are the Mama, husband, daughter or son!

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