Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.19

I started my week with another day off on Monday before heading back to work on Tuesday. Monday was a pretty laid back day, I spent part of it dyeing more feathers for hair feather extensions. I'm gonna try to put up a tutorial soon! It's pretty easy and the colors turned out great! I felt so crafty since I hardly ever make anything. haha I wish I did crafty stuff more often.

Tuesday I worked and when I got home we decided to head over the the beach for a bit to play in the sand and water. Rowe is loving every minute of it! I'm thinking of making it a weekly thing because she is just enjoying the water and the beach so much. She runs into the water with no fear, so keeping an eye on her is a must at all times.

I had a long day of work on Wednesday so Roweyn spent the day with Nana and Auntie Tayelor, playing outside and having a fun day. When I got home we spent the rest of our day together. While Rowe was eating she dropped a little glass bowl off the side of her highchair. I've been giving her glass bowls since she started eating food and she has NEVER even attempted to drop or throw the bowls before. There was glass EVERYWHERE! It took me! so long to clean it all up!

Thursday I worked in the evening, so we did some cleaning and laundry and had a quick visit with our friends Shay and her daughter Riley who is around 9 months old. It was our first time meeting Riley as they live down in Southern California, she is so cute! Roweyn loved playing with her and totally understood that she was younger than her.

I spent the early morning and afternoon at work on Friday. I got a little waxing done on myself before work and then after work I got the first process of coloring my hair done and while it was processing I got an airbrush tan that we just got at our salon. So I basically had a day of pampering before and after work.

When I came home, I found Roweyn's adorable new sandals from See Kai Run had arrived! I got them 30% off too! SCORE!! They are so freaking cute, BUT they're too big! I'm so bummed! I ordered the same size as the other shoes she has from them but it looks like they give more room in the sandals, so I bought the next size down right away and will send back the bigger size as soon as the smaller pair comes and I can make sure that those fit her better.

I walked outside to find Roweyn skinny dipping in her pool. She had been in there over an hour playing with Nana and Auntie Tayelor and didn't want to get out. While I was out there she laid down on her belly and was kicking and swimming. It was super cute, and it was the first time she'd ever done that! She even put her face in the water! She is such a water baby.

We spent the morning on Saturday at Tayelor's swim meet cheering her on. Roweyn really wanted to get into the pool with all the other swimmers. We came home and took a nap, did some laundry and then headed outside to play in the pool and the sand. After we got all cleaned up we had a girls night with Tayelor and had fun doing some secret stuff for today.

Today is both Father's Day AND my Mama's Birthday, so they left yesterday to head up to Squaw Valley for the night for a little get away. So today we are meeting them up there along with my brother Trevor to spend the day with them. I'm sure there will be lots of photos taken and I will be sure to have them posted on another day. :)

So Happy Fathers Day to all you Dada's out there, especially mine! And of course Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mama! You both are amazing people and parents and I wouldn't be here today without the two of you! I am so glad Roweyn is so close to her Nana and Papa and can experience the love that I had and still have, as well from the two of you. I am so grateful for you guys. Love you!

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  1. Those feathers look SO cool. And, I love that lake - it looks so peaceful :D



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