Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.18

This has been such a fun week! I worked Monday and Tuesday and have had the rest of the week off, so I've been spending all my time doing stuff with Roweyn. We're finally having amazing weather and have been busy every day.

Wednesday, we ran some errands to get my supplies to hand dye feathers for feather extensions. Then we went over to Trisha and Kashmir's house for a play date.

On Thursday we got to meet up with friends Michele and Izabella who's almost 2.5, we hadn't seen them for months! We went to the park and the girls had fun running around on the grass and playing on the playground. We didn't realize it was going to be so hot though! It was over 80 degrees and the playground was hot so the girls didn't play for too long on it. Afterwards we got frozen yogurt. I have been craving frozen yogurt for weeks and finally I got some! It definitely didn't help that everyone kept posting their photos on instagram of their frozen yogurt. Every time I saw it, it just made me want it more.

Friday we headed down to Auburn and met up with some new friends Jenna and Maci. We had fun playing at their house and we went out back to play in their new little pool. The girls loved it. Roweyn had so much fun in the pool that afterwards I ran over to target and bought her an even bigger one to play in all summer in our yard.

Roweyn got her first little booboo on her knee before we left. She didn't fall that hard, and yet she got a really good bruise and scrape from it. She handled it really well though.

When we got home, Roweyn was overly tired and hungry and while I was trying to get her some food, I sliced my knuckle open on a can. It was deep enough to not even hurt and I was pretty shocked by it. It's a pretty small cut but I could tell it was deep and it didn't want to stop bleeding for at least 30 minutes. It was really stressful, I had a very upset toddler and a finger that wouldn't stop bleeding on my hand that I really needed in order to help Roweyn. But we got through it and it ended up being okay in the end.

Saturday, I blew up Roweyn's new baby pool and filled it with water in the morning so that it would get warm enough by afternoon to swim in. We ended up going over to the beach instead and spent a couple hours there, playing in the water and sand. It was a bummer because it was actually overcast and windy so it wasn't the best day to be at the beach. A lot more photos here! Rowe had a super short nap on the way there so when we got back home, we had some food and then I put her down for a late nap. I ended up napping too and we slept for 2 hours! :/ Apparently we were tired! It was late but much needed. I even had to wake Roweyn up because she was still asleep. It did make us go to bed later than usual but I think after today we will be back on schedule.

Today we spent the morning relaxing. I put Rowe down for a nap and then got busy hand dyeing feathers for hair feather extensions. There was a little trial and error but I think I figured it out! After she woke up, we got everything ready and headed outside for some pool time. Finally! The water had been warming up all day and it was like bath water. haha Rowe loved it though and we spent the rest of the afternoon splashing in the water and sun bathing.

She was so tired that she was ready for bed by 8 and is sleeping soundly now. The photos below show even more fun we were having. And the rest of our beach photos are in the Steppin' Out Saturday post that will be going up.

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  1. Hi, i have been following your blog for sometime now and just love it! your daughter is super cute!



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