Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy 17 Months!


You are already closer to18 months, than 17 months. I really can't believe how time flies. I swear just yesterday you were this little teeny baby, and yes you are still teeny, but really you are not even close to a baby anymore. You are most certainly a full fledged toddler! 

You are SO busy! I can't even try to keep up with you. As soon as I clean one thing up you're already into 3 other things. And they're usually things you shouldn't be in, you're now reaching onto counters and tables still taller than your head, yet you are still able to grab so much off of them.

You're becoming more and more independent. What the heck?! I thought I still had at least another 6 months or more before this stage hit.

You crack me up every day with the faces you make and the way you talk. I love that we can just look at each other and start laughing for no reason. You understand EVERYTHING we say to you and you are becoming quite good at expressing yourself and what you want. You say and do things that I have no clue how you learned and am just amazed by how smart you really are. You pick up on everything around you and you are so curious of your surroundings.

You have 16 teeth now! 16!!! All of them except for your two year old molars, which knowing you, will probably come before you're two. Your sleep habits have been pretty much the same for the last month or two. Sleeping in your stroller for naps, which you take at about the same time every day. And sleeping at night, you seem to show the same patterns but you usually have at least one to two nights a week where you are sleeping in till close to 6am in your own bed and then I pull you into mine for a couple more hours. You almost never sleep past 8:15 now and you always have a fun way of waking me up, whether it be, poking me in the face, patting my chest, talking or just trying to climb off the bed.

You still love playing with Cyder but have gotten much more rough with her and as much as Cyder loves you, she's not so fond of being hit or squeezed by your many hugs hundreds of times a day. And yet she just jumps up and licks you afterwards.

You're such an awesome kiddo. I am so so so proud to be your Mama and so extremely lucky. You are my everything and you mean more than the world to me. I loved you so much before you were even born, more than you can even imagine, and yet my love for you grows even more every day. I look forward to each day I have with you and am always so excited to see what you will do next.

Love you much!


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