Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 16 Months Rowe Baby!

Roweyn, my girl, how the heck is it possible that you are now 16 months old?? Lately I have been thinking back to this time last year and picturing you again as this little itty bitty baby you once were. Before you could crawl, when you hated tummy time and when you would sit all day and snuggle in my arms. You are SO  a different story now! 

You are running, jumping, climbing on everything! You never sit still for more than a few minutes. You are testing your limits every time I turn around, constantly getting into something you're not supposed to. But I love every minute of it!

I love you at this age. Your personality is shining through bigger than ever right now. You want to be a part of everything I do whether it be eating, cleaning, doing laundry, brushing my teeth, and so on.

You are now sleeping in your own room at night and it's going great. You refuse to sleep in your crib during the day so you take your nap in your stroller. And yes I said nap, as in ONE, because you are down to one nap a day. It's great though because you are sleeping about an hour and a half now instead of two 20 minute naps.

You're eating great and you are getting really good at feeding yourself with a spoon and fork. Most times you don't let me feed you anymore and sometimes that makes for a very messy meal. We visited your Uncle Trevor in Reno, and went to his pizza shop, Pie-Face Pizza Co. where you got to try their pizza for the first time and you LOVED it!

You now weigh 16.5 pounds and you are 30in tall! You are still a teeny tiny girl but really, I couldn't picture you any other way!

You just had your second Easter and you had so much fun hunting for Easter eggs, with your Auntie Tayelor, Cousin Devyn and Best Briend Kashmir !

Your hair started growing more and I was finally able to put a clip in it! Although it looked pretty funny because it was so big. You do all sorts of silly things too that make me laugh, like grabbing a tissue to blow your nose!

I'm such a proud Mommy and you make me so happy each and every day!

I love you so much!!

Your Mama

(This post is only a month late, again! Gonna get her 17 Month post out before it's a month late too!)

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