Monday, June 6, 2011

Movie Monday: Week Twenty Seven

It's Monday already and I have a super early and long day of work today. :( My week is somewhat up in the air and I'm not too fond of it being this way but oh well what am I supposed to do? ha

The videos this week are from the end of February. Roweyn was two days short of 14 months when we had a huge snow storm. Normally it doesn't snow down at our house and when it does it usually never sticks. This day it did though, pretty much just for the day but nonetheless we took advantage of it! The first one is right when it really started snowing while Roweyn was eating, so we decided to watch it come down.

This next one we decided to go out and play. There really wasn't a whole lot of snow yet but we still had fun! I pulled Roweyn around in a little sled and she had a blast! And so did the cat...haha

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