Sunday, June 5, 2011

Roweyn's Ramblings Wk.17

Our week was so different than our norm, since I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the salon as well as Friday! This may become our new routine though and I really didn't mind it, except for being away from Roweyn three days in a row.

Our weather is still all sorts of terrible and I am so over this gloomy winter crap! It's totally making me depressed, knowing that it's now June, JUNE!!! And we are having no signs of summer weather. I want to be outside playing, going to the river, the lake and the pool, wearing shorts and skirts and summer dresses and putting Roweyn in her summer clothes too!

I've been talking about her "eye" teeth coming in for weeks, maybe even months now, and one has finally cut through! Her other 3 are SO very close and could cut any day. 

We spent a lot of time snuggling this week and it was loads of fun. I'm thinking that the weather combined with her teeth coming in, Roweyn needed and wanted some extra love.

Roweyn got weighed on Thursday at our WIC appointment, she is just barely hitting 17lbs!! Which is great because that really pushed her up on her growing curve. She is also 30.5 inches tall now.

My dad and Roweyn seem to have really bonded as of late and it is so cute to see how happy Roweyn is to see him while he is home. She is constantly wanting to play with him and following him around, along with snuggling any chance she gets.

Today we had a BIG surprise planned for Tayelor. My parents planned an early Surprise Birthday Party for her with her classmates. Her birthday isn't till the end of July but they decided to do any early party right before school ended. She was so surprised when she saw all of Kmart of all places. haha Total surprise for her. They did the cake there in the cafe because where they were headed, they didn't allow cake inside, which was the roller skating rink. They also had to travel an hour away to get to the rink and thought it was easier to do the cake in town and then I took it home. Sadly Roweyn and I didn't go, well because there's not much for a toddler to do there, so we opted to come home and watch movies and relax while doing a few things around the house.

Roweyn napped on the way to town for only about 20 minutes and I tried to get her down a bit ago but no such luck and now its getting too late to nap...I have a feeling she will be really tired tonight! :/ Sounds like a repeat of last Sunday.

While I was doing the photos for the post, I got a little carried away and unintentionally made a new header for the blog as well as did some rearrangements. Would love any feedback and if anything looks weird, let me know!

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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