Thursday, March 1, 2012

Napa, my First Overnighter without Roweyn Pt. 1

So a couple of weekends ago I took the plunge and went on my very first overnighter without Roweyn! My brother's girlfriend was heading to Napa with a couple of friends for a girls weekend, invited me to go and it just seemed like an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I had about a month to prep myself for it which was really nice because I was definitely nervous about leaving her. I knew I would miss her tons and know she would do totally fine during the day with my parents but I was nervous for night time since she does still nurse and wouldn't be able to do so while I was gone. But it had to happen sooner or later and I think after 2 years with no me time, it was time to give it a go.

We made it to Napa mid Saturday and met my cousin who happens to go to school not too far from Napa and then we were on our way to our first Winery!

V. Sattui Winery

This was a very popular family friendly winery that served food & also had a little store to shop in so we decided to grab some food, a bottle of Chardonnay, find a picnic table and enjoy the nice weather.

My Cousin Paige and me

Paige, my brother's girlfriend Sierra and me

Inside the Cellar at V. Sattui

After we were done with our picnic we did some exploring around the Winery and checked out their amazing cellar!

Sadly after we were done at V. Sattui, Paige had to head back home.

We headed out to our next Winery, Velo Vino aka the Clif Family Winery who happens to be the owners of all the Clif Bars. Such a fun little place and very relaxed with lots of yummy wine! Sadly I didn't get a photo while there.

Whitehall Lane Winery

Here's all the girls (Holli, Jenn, Sierra and me) at our 3rd and last winery for the day. They were super nice and we had fun splitting up our tastings. They had a really great Dessert Wine that Sierra and I loved. It was something we had never tasted before in a wine, it was almost like honey. So good!!

After we were done at Whitehall we realized that all the Winery's were closing up for the day even though it was only 5pm! We found an outside bar that's attached to a restaurant and stopped by for a drink. While we were waiting in line to order a man cut in front of the 4 of us plus 2 other women and wow did he make a mistake doing that! He got his head chewed off by all of us. haha It was quite funny, I don't think he knew what he was getting into when he made that mistake.

We headed back to the hotel after that to get changed for some dinner and then out for the night. We found this cool place downtown called the Oxbow Public Market. It's basically a big warehouse with a bunch of restaurants inside. After we ate we realized we were all tired so instead of heading out we went back to the hotel and settled in for the night....mind you by the time we went to bed it was about 9:30. haha Wine makes us sleepy I guess!

The next morning we headed out to downtown St. Helena for breakfast and a little walking around to check out the cute shops, then it was off to our first Winery of the day!

Flora Springs Winery

We spent probably 2 hours sitting on this patio wine tasting. Our view was so beautiful it looked fake!

Sierra and me at Flora Springs

The girls at Flora Springs

It was another beautiful day and we were just getting started!

We visited two more Wineries after this which you can check out in Pt. 2 Coming soon!

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